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Hey everyone! This blog deals with general questions on CFA. There are questions with the answers right here!

To all potential CF Analysts – it is like a treat for you! This will aid your preparation and will also help you gauge what your level of preparation is. That in turn will enable you to judge how much more time and effort you need to put into your #CFA Prep! These answers have aided my preparation enormously and I hope it helps you too. You will also read about how others from around the world are doing the same!

So without further ado, let’s look at some of these questions with their answers!

These questions have been taken from various sources with answers by EduPristine. Check it out!

Question: GoneCFA Oct 28th. 2013 8:33am
united states 3 Al’ Potnts
CFA Level I candidate
I am sitting for the CFA for the second time in December.
I have gone through the material and am at a road block. Above 70% in everything but Fixed Income and Econ, how can I get those up?
What is a good study tool / schedule to stay motivated for the next 40 days?

Answer: edupristine Oct 29th, 2013 3:16am 4 Partner India 278 AF Points
At this situation you need to study more of Fixed income and Eco concepts and do more practice in these 2
Spent more time on fixed income and Economics but still practising the others otherwise you will forget some concepts and this will heart you more

Question: sharky7 Oct 24th, 2013 4:45pm Spain CM Level I Candidate 29 AF Points
Could anyone give a brief explanation on why a share repurchase is considered a way of paying dividends to shareholders? And why is usually considered a better action than paying dividends with cash?

Answer: Pradeep P Yes as i have seen you profile you are a business analyst so i am expecting that you have some knowledge of Finance. If so schweser is enough
21 hours ago

Question: is schewser enough for Ll? I know many sites say ellan or wiley? Does schewser and trying problems suffice? Bhavna A. Like • Comment (1) • Follow • 25 days ago

Answer: I Pradeep P. Yes as i have seen you profile you are a business analyst so i am
expecting that you have some knowledge of Finance. If so schweser is enough
21 hours—ago

Question: vnen(lhenna1 rm.-.: Pam :>n’.¢*- 512am
lnona CFA Level I Candvdale 31 AF Poems
loompletedexam 1 vo|.1 Iromkaplan practice exam… Thesearemyscores:
Corp fin.:60
Eq. l’nr.78
Fined ino0me:64.1
Al lw_7
Tow 69.6%
Pleasegmidemeastovnntshoaldbedonefunher. ldon’lkr\0wwhatshoddldobefore startingthesecondexam
Pleaseheb Thallcs inadvanoe
0,’:/4°’ 1

Answer: edupnstme ()ct?$lvth P012 607am
_‘T_T Partner ma 276AFPo\nts


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