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Price Elasticity of Demand & Price Ceiling in Labor Market

September 24, 2013

Economics is a very conceptual & Logical subject and is having 10% weight in the Level I CFA exam.You need to be conscious while you are reading the topics. Most of the students feel “Economics” is very tough but it happens only when you try to mug up the concepts.Here You can enjoy the subject when you correlate this with real economic systems and agendas.

Find below some of the snapshots of the questions in air for Level I CFA Economics section…

Question 1: Does “Price Elasticity” of Demand change with Time??

Price Elasticity

With an aim to help CFA aspirants in every possible way, EduPristine has started a mission to answer every possible question on various CFA forums…and we will try to compile the answers and publish them on our blogs…

Price Elasticity

Question 2: Explain “Price Ceiling in Labor Market.

price ceiling  price ceiling 

price ceilings


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