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There have been countless times that I have required some assistance for questions that I had problems with. Unfortunately, help was not always available. I would have to search high and low for somebody who would guide me and help me with my questions. Finally, a day arrived when I stumbled upon this page and voila! I got answers to my questions and more!


Day after day I would post questions and within hours, I would receive my answers! It unleashed in me a newfound confidence in my abilities. I no longer felt as though I would have to suffer days and weeks of incomprehension of various concepts.

And by the look of it, it seems as though fellow students have hit this particular jackpot too! So to all those who face a similar predicament, I have made things simpler for you and have posted below a series of questions and answers that will help all candidates.

So basically, a fixed income security represents a fixed (definite) cash stream. Fixed income securities are important because they define the market for money, and most investors participate in this market. They also define a reference benchmark for other investment opportunities that are not traded in markets, such as a firm’s research projects, oil leases and royalty rights.

General Gyan – It has 12% weightage in the CFA Level 1 Exam, which implies 14 question in each session.

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CFA Fixed Income Question


CFA Fixed Income Answer


So simple and within reach. Keep reading! These threads helped me enormously!








CFA Fixed Income Question



ANSWER 2:  CFA Fixed Income Answer



Greek is right! But the difference is Greek and Latin is used by us every second! The roots of English come from Greek, Latin and many number of languages. The problem mentioned above, however, is not all simple! But these posts that I discovered cinched the deal of the day!




CFA Fixed Income Question



CFA Fixed Income Answer

Whoever posted this question must be feeling extremely grateful for the swift response! There have been nights when I stay up thinking about the best possible solution, but lo behold! It is presented to you as easily as it gets.



CFA Fixed Income Question



CFA Fixed Income Answer





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