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Hey everyone! The CFA results will be declared on January 29, 2014. We know you might be a bundle of nerves or entirely relaxed right now! But whatever the case, we wish you the very best of luck for your results. At EduPristine, we know how dedicated CFA students are. Therefore success will most definitely come to you!


Do share your results and experiences with us. Your knowledge of the exam will help other CFA candidates around the world.


Now that you are through with CFA, rest assured it will impress your potential employers. Imagine what they’d think if they saw “Justin Walker, CFA, Financial Modeler” on your resume. Maybe you should give a thought to Financial Modeling as well!


As you might be aware, your results will be emailed to you. If you are unsure about where and how you can access your result, just follow this link to CFA exam Results.


Feel free to post your comments to tell us how it went. We look forward to it!


All the very best to all CFA candidates across the world!