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Everybody knows that as a Chartered Financial Analyst you’ll be looking into a lot of financial matters for your clients and company but what about your financial status? Is it worth all the hardwork? Since you are here, I am sure that you are contemplating over the idea of pursuing CFA and looking to gather as much information on CFA as you can. So without wasting anymore time let’s talk about the most important information “SALARIES”- because it is the salary that will decide which car you’ll be driving.

You might not get the exact numbers that are mentioned below, but it will give you a fair idea about what you can expect.

CFA Salaries for different Job Roles

After completing your CFA there are a lot of opportunities as far as job profile is concerned. You can select the one which interests you the most. The salary of for different job profiles is as below:

Job Role Salary*
Financial Analyst Between $40,801 – $95,414
Investments Analyst Between $44347 – $117,280
Senior Financial Analyst Between $51,680 – $ 103,824
Portfolio Managers Between $59,492 – $162,747
Corporate Financial Analyst Around $61,210
Investment & Security Analyst Around $73,090
Vice President of Finance Around $131,700
Chief Financial Officer Around $145,810

CFA Salaries for different Years of Experience

Like every other profession, experience plays an important part for CFAs too. Higher the experience, higher is the salary.

Years of Experience Salary*
Less than a year $51,050
1 to 4 years $63,900
5 to 9 Years $93,452
10 to 19 Years of Experience $119,309
20+ Years $147,260

CFA Salaries by Different Types of Employers

Companies that hire most number CFAs are Financial Services Providers. But with changing times, everybody now has requirement for the services of CFAs but the salary offered depends on the type of employer.

Type of Employer Salary*
Contractors Around $50,400
State & Local Governments Around $76,041
Foundations & Trusts Around $77,438
Hospitals Around $78,001
Federal Governments Around $78,467
Private Practices Around $80,617
Companies Around $84,792
Colleges Around $86,400 
Self Employed Around $90,005
Franchises & Other Organizations Over $10000

CFA Salaries by Different Size of Companies

Size of the organization also matters while deciding the salary.

Company Size Salary*
Less than 10 Employees Around $75,756
10 to 49 Employees Around  $83,144
50 to 199 Employees Around  $85,649
200 to 599 Employees Around  $97,579
600 to 1,999 Employees Around  $100,980
2,000 to 4,999 Employees> Around  $82,571
5,000 to 19,999 Employees Around  $90,807
20,000 to 499,999 Employees Around  $101,940

CFA Salaries depending upon Company Sales

Company sales and your salary are directly proportional, which means that if company is earning well, you will earn well too.

Company Sales Salaries*
Less than $500,000 in sales Around $70,468
$500,000 to $2,000,000 Around $82,122
$10 million to $99 million Around $130,180
$100 million to $500 million Around $132,500
$2 billion Around $104,000

The salaries mentioned above are exclusive of any bonuses, incentives, profit sharing and other allowances so that will be an add on to your salary.

*Salary Source: CFA Salaries

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