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There is no secret formula that can help you navigate through the CFA Program and pass the test, but an organized, disciplined approach will help you pass each level of the program and ultimately achieve your goal.


We got this CFA Program Topics data from CFA Institute and compared it across the three levels. Here’s a smart looking infographic.


Based on this data, here are some quick tips for the CFA Program Level I.

  1. Don’t waste time, get going: The CFA Program Institute prescribes that at least 250 hours of independent study is necessary to pass each exam. Here is what they say : ” … a minimum of 15-20 hours per week for 18 weeks to studying the assigned readings. Allow a minimum of one week for each study session spread over several days, with completion scheduled for at least 30-45 days prior to the exam. This schedule will allow you to spend the final four to six weeks before the exam reviewing the assigned material and taking multiple online sample exams. Successful candidates report spending an average of about 300 hours reading and studying the curriculum, plus 4-6 weeks reviewing and taking online sample and mock exams.”
  2. Skim through the material before starting: After registration, you will receive a curriculum that is divided into the 10 CFA Program Topics of about 18 study sessions. Broadly preview each session to determine your familiarity with each topic.
  3. Develop your strategy: Get out your calendar and determine which weeks you will be studying which sections. Plot this on Excel, Outlook or a similar schedule-making program. Schedule your studying so that you finish with all the sections at least one month before the exam, so you can review. Also, schedule in review days as you go along.
  4. Make a review plan: A good review plan can augment your preparation by clarifying or pinpointing concepts you may be having trouble with EduPristine has designed exam-focused classroom training & comprehensive reading material to speed-up your preparation which can reduce your exam preparation time from 300-400 hrs to 150-200 hrs!!


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Level I CFA Exam