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CFA® Webinar on Financial Statement Analysis

January 16, 2013

To start this new year with the right foot forward for your CFA exam preps, we are launching a series of CFA Webinars on CFA exam preps and related topics. In case if you are interested in the Level I CFA Exam, then do join in on these webinars.

Join us for a “Free Demo Webinar on Financial Statement Analysis” to assist you in Level I CFA preparation. The objective of the Webinar is to explain the concepts of Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements.

These are one of the most important concepts in Financial Statement Analysis as it forms the basic building block for many concepts in many equity and valuation related fields.

The below invitation is open to everyone giving the Level I CFA exam this year or is interested in the CFA certification.

Join the Webinar by clicking this Registration link

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