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CFP Certification Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Planning

Module 2: Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning

Module 3: Retirement Planning & Employee benefit

Module 4: Investment Planning

Module 5: Tax Planning & Estate Planning

Module 6: Advanced Financial planning

There is no Exam for Module I; however questions based on this module would be included in exams for Module 2 – 5

Associate Financial Planner

AFP Certification is targeted at existing professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge about Financial Planning without undergoing the entire CFPCM Certification Program

On successfully completion of any of these modules, applicant is qualified as AFP

Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning
Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits
Investment Planning
Tax Planning & Estate Planning

Challenger Status Program

FPSB India recognizes that the professionals(such as Chartered Accountants, Masters of Business Administration, Engineers etc) already possess certain skill sets and proficiency which is expected of Financial Planners. Hence, in order to enable eligible professionals (both in terms of education as well as experience) to acquire the CFPCM Certification in a more time-efficient manner

It is a fast track Certification Program introduced by FPSB India in line with global certification practices which has been christened as “Challenge Status Program”.

Only module 6 to be written under this program

Fees for the program is Rs.25000/-

EduPristine provides exclusive training for CFA, FRM trainings.
The CFP training would consist of

  • 120 Hours of classroom training over  6 months.1500 + Questions in the workbook and mock test for each module.
  • Comprehensive reading materials for complete preparation
  • Free Online Video on difficult topics, Solved Examples and Practice Papers

EduPristine is built with an aim to create world class Professionals, particularly in the area of Risk Management, Investment Banking & Finance. It is founded by professionals and alumnus of Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, Reliance Private Equity, SBI, Accenture, IBM and CRISIL, IIM, IIT and SIBM. EduPristine