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Only a few days counting to the CFA® exam, the tension levels must be soaring high; but no matter how hard you try you plunge down to the devil called “anxiety”, freaking out isn’t a solution. In fact it’s time for you to strategically plot your preparation in the last hurrah. Let us help you plan.

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The Preparation:
Everybody is studying and trying their level best to crack the exam but then sometimes you need a few basic guidelines:

– Have a clear idea about the exam testing methods and policies, be it the exam paper format, allotted time or venue.
– Be accustomed with the prescribed calculator which CFA® institute approves.

Assuming that by now you must have gone through your course material, practiced the test papers; you should analyze your performance. No one other than you can measure your grasp in the subject. So this analysis stage is really important.

– Solving the paper within the stipulated time & targeting the right questions is a skill that can boost your chances in getting through. The easiest way out is to practice as much as you can. Only practice can eventually let you touch base with your strengths and weaknesses. You can try out our Mock tests for better analysis.

– Evaluate the topics wherein you scored the least. Target them accordingly. Either you are applying the wrong formulas or can’t apply the right theory for the same. Either way you need to be very clear with your fundamental concepts. Hence, clear your doubts, if any.

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– Spend significant time to evaluate your answers & at the same time map them with detailed solutions. Gauge the different ways you can solve the problems. This goes a long way in clearing your fundamental concepts. Get into the details as to why it was solved in a way that’s different from how you thought it to be!

– Concentrate more on the subjects like FRA, Portfolio Management, owing to their high weightage, at the same time do not neglect the others. And remember to allocate substantial time for each section!

– Focus on your strengths & key areas where you feel, can make the difference.
For effective revision and easy way to remember all the formulas; Try EduPristine’s Level I CFA Mind Maps.

Few pointers that might be help:

– Initially, do not break your head on the questions that seem tedious & takes time. Move on and solve the sitters (easy ones). You can get back to the difficult questions once you are through.
– Don’t be ‘politically right’ in ethics paper because there is a basic difference in CFA®Code of Ethics and commonly considered as ‘the right thing to do’
– Do not assume or presume anything, strictly stick to whatever information is provided.

Have some doubts? Comment below and our experts will clarify them for you!

Hope this helps you achieve the CFA charter. All the Best!