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Banking today is a niche career for enthusiasts in the field of commerce and accounts.

With new banks coming up every year owing to privatization of services, the industry indeed provides sufficient room for graduates from any field. They also offer a broad array of services such as giving advice related to investment and insurance, exchange of foreign currency and acting as trustees.

Career Option

If you are a student of B.Com, you can get placed as a sales executive for loans, mortgages, and insurance with any of the leading banks. For the beginners, this is an important step towards understanding the global economy, discovering the challenges of the marketplace and identifying themselves with a career that provides them with tremendous opportunities, both within the country and abroad.

The all-around demand for bank professionals has made a public sector, foreign and multinational banks recruit more and more MBA graduates, CAs and CFAs to enhance their efficiency. Here is a list of some courses you can check and register for it.





Post Graduate Certificate in Banking

The Post Graduate Diploma in Banking enables the student to broad base their career options in the banking industry. Banking course is aimed at providing practical knowledge and understanding of the Banking sector. By joining PGCB after B.Com, you will get the competitive advantage for a great career in banking and to professionally excel in your work.


  • Educational institutes offering PGCB course provides soft skills training to the candidates to make them efficient speakers because banks look for candidates with effective communication skills.
  • The course content has been made relevant for the industry’s needs. With this banking course you will get a head-start in your career with the banking job.
  • Candidates are provided with 100% placement assistance facility as recognized institutes for PGCB has association with reputable banks including HDFC, Housing Finance Companies, NBFCs, etc.

M.Com in Banking and Finance

Master of Commerce in Banking and Finance is typically a two-year degree course. There are lots of career opportunities in this field. Postgraduates from this field are mainly employed in banks. There are lots of job opportunities available in India as well as in foreign countries for graduate accountant.


  • M.Com in Banking and Finance degree serves as a basis for further higher studies and research in this field such as Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree in Banking and Finance.
  • M.Com degree course in Banking and Finance provides a solid base in the field of Banking and Insurance, thus making it easier to acquire a leadership role in both the sectors.
  • Many international banks hire skilled professionals for various profiles on competitive salaries.
  • Public sector banks hire mostly graduates for clerical and probationary officer posts on the basis of All India Level examination – This degree gives applicants an edge over the others.

MBA in Banking and Finance

Master of Business Administration in Banking and Finance is a Post Graduate banking course. Banking management course of study is a functional area of finance, accounting, marketing, HR management, strategic planning economics, behavioral science, rural science, IT and quantitative methods.


  • Candidates will specialize in certain specific areas such as credit appraisal, loan and foreign exchange which will make them eligible for joining any bank or private sector bank at senior level positions.
  • Completion of the MBA Banking and Finance would help you to rise the leadership roles in your company or bank.
  • In-service banking and financial personals are the desired candidates for this program as it is meant to enhance their management skills – but a B.Com graduate degree can work equally hard to sway the preference.

Certificate Program in General Insurance (CPGI)

The unique CPGI program based on the philosophy of Earn-Learn will equip the candidates with both the knowledge and experience needed to launch them on a fast-track career in the rapidly-growing Insurance sector. Upon successful completion of this 6-month program along with on-the-job task assigned, the eligible candidates would receive an assured placement with SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd. on meeting performance criteria completing IRDA Certification.


  • The Certificate in General Insurance provides a solid foundation on which to build your career in insurance.
  • The course covers insurance principles, practices, and policies in depth.
  • Completing the program can enhance future career opportunities and help you do your current job better.
  • General Insurance Essentials Program gives you a solid understanding of the principles and practices of property and casualty insurance.

Post Graduate Certificate in Investment Banking

This program offers training in the key areas of investment banking and financial investment. Candidates will acquire an understanding of how financial markets operate, particularly in relation to the aims and operations of banking organizations and institutions. The program also provides a strong foundation for PhD research.


  • Investment bankers are financial professionals that help governments and business organizations raise money by issuing bonds, stocks and other financial products
  • Investment banking has a huge prospect for growth in an emerging economy like India due to the presence of vast untapped sectors and high entrepreneurial energy.
  • Entering the competitive world of high finance has some clear advantages; great pay, high-profile deals and phenomenal training.
  • Sometimes jobs in corporate finance are referred to as investment banking positions.

So now you can understand there is a various option available after B.Com. There are lots of banking courses available for you. Start thinking broadly by exploring yourself with this banking Certification. If you choose an area where your strengths lie and match the course, success is not far. Experts in this field believe that if candidates choose an area where their strengths match, they will achieve success.

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