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FRM Part II webinar on Credit Risk

August 12, 2011

We conducted a webinar on Credit Risk for our upcoming FRM Part II batch this month.

The presentation shared below is the one used in the webinar.



The video recording of the webinar is here –



Batch Details –

  • 10 days of Comprehensive Classroom Trainingsfor all the subjects.
  • 2 days revision classes FRM Practice papers (2008, 2009, 20010 and 2011) will be discussed and the important concepts of all the subjects will be revised again
  • 1 days – Mock Tests: (in Oct 2011) specially designed by our trainers based on AIMS 2010, to evaluate your relative performance vis a vis other candidates
  • 15 hrs of Online Tests (600+ questions topic wise and subject wise)
  • Free Visualized FRM Charts to all the FRM Training Participants. The material will be couriered within 2 days of registration for the trainings)
  • Online access to all the presentations and practice tests within 24 hrs of registration for the trainings
  • Free online classes for students who register for classroom trainings.
  • Free online Videos on difficult Topics, Solved Examples & Practice Exercises,
  • FRM Certified Faculty from IIT/IIM’s with significant experience

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