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If I ask you the difference between the above two URLs, you will say the 1st one looks cluttered and the 2nd one looks professional. Well, that’s not all, the 1st one is provided by LinkedIn and the 2nd one is the customized URL.

Your name, some random alphabets and some random numbers and that is what LinkedIn provides you as your URL. It can’t get any uglier than that which means it can only get better. LinkedIn gives you an option to customize your URL and make it more professional and easy to remember which will make your profile look better.

Why you should customize your LinkedIn URL?

  • Customizing your LinkedIn URL will make it easier for prospective recruiters and other networking contacts to remember you.
  • Customizing your LinkedIn URL will make it look more presentable and then you can share it on your blog, other social media networks, business card or any other marketing material.
  • Customizing your LinkedIn URL hardly takes any time to so why not just do it.

How to Customize your LinkedIn URL?

  • Hover your mouse on Profile header and select the sub option of Edit Profile.

editing profile on LinkedIn

  • Below your image you shall see the default URL and a settings icon next to it.Click on the settings icon.

Changing URL of  LinkedIn profile

  • On the right hand side you shall see the option that allows you to create your custom URL. Click on Create your custom URL.

creating custom URL  on LinkedIn

  • Enter the URL of your choice (your name preferably) and click on the save option. Your URL cannot consist of spaces, symbols and special characters.

setting URL for  LinkedIn

  • If your name is already taken then try using your middle name or any other thing of significance. LinkedIn shall provide you with some suggestions, check if you use any of those and click to save.

setting URL for  LinkedIn

Your new Customized URL is ready. Now you can use this new URL on all your online profiles and your resume that will improve your chances of getting a job.