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Cynthia Johnson is the Social Media Marketing Director at Ranklab and Member of Global Board of Directors and Editorial Director for Social Media Club. She is also a Digital Marketing Professional and better known as Social Media Girl (TheSMGirl). She was ranked #7 in our list of top 10 SEO experts to follow on Twitter.

Yesterday, Cynthia started a chat topic “A deep dive into Twitter Analytics” on Twitter where she asked 8 questions on Twitter Analytics, the best answers to which were retweeted by her. It was a pretty excellent move to engage users and Marketers on Twitter to express their views and knowledge about Twitter Analytics. By doing this, she gave us some insights into Twitter Analytics which today every marketer must know.

Starting from Question #1 to #8, let us give you a review on it:

Review: This question aims at asking users whether they know about the new enhanced analytics feature of Twitter. If yes, then just an overview of what they know.

Best Replies:

Our Analysis: Yes, the enhanced Twitter Analytics will definitely help advertisers and marketers to track their performances, impressions from the audience and better analytic review of the marketing efforts on Twitter. Most of the users out there don’t give this feature a lot of importance. But if you are active on Twitter, Twitter Analytics is as important as monitoring your Website Analytics on GA.

Review: This question was focused on getting information about the features are offered in the enhanced Twitter Analytics: How they differ from the older Analytics version and what are the key points that users should know.

Best reply:

Our Analysis: With the enhanced version you can:

• Observe the performance of your tweets in real time

• Compare impressions, total engagements, and total retweets month over month

• You can now see the tweet details page the number of retweets, replies, favorites, follows, link clicks and embedded media clicks each Tweet received.

Review: This question targets surprising or awestruck phenomenon experienced by any user after using the enhance analytics. This may be the changes or observations compared to the previous version.

Best Replies:

Our Analysis: There are a lot of metrics which marketers often overlook. Cynthia said that her most shocking analytic was the number of profile views. This metric will tell you how many times your profile was visited by users on Twitter. Indirectly, this throws light on how important your profile description is. If your profile visits are high, then users want to know more about you. Putting a crisp description with the URL to your site can go a long way in reaping benefits out of these profile visits.

Review: This question puzzles you what to do if you want to find out how many tweets you sent this month from your profile. In a way it actually suggests you to stop killing your brain cells by thinking and counting your tweets and use the improve analytics to get the answer.

Best replies: Total of 8 replies but not one could give a satisfying answer to this question. No retweets to any of the replies.

Our Analysis: Others probably did not get the answers because they might have been thinking to count the tweets or use any other traditional methods. This is where the enhanced Twitter Analytics will help as it gives you the number of monthly tweets, impression for those tweets, profile visits, mentions, followers and tweets linking to you on one single page. Isn’t that great?

Review: This question tries to inform you that by visiting you Twitter Analytics page and going into followers tab, you can see what percent of your followers are following a certain another twitter entity or account.

Best Reply:

Our Analysis: This tab helps you in knowing who else your followers are following. It assists you in getting suggestions on other accounts you can follow to get more tweets on topic you love. If you are interested in SEO and if you are following 5 SEO experts who in turn are following 10 experts, then you can follow them as well via the similar audience tab which will give you more and better insights on SEO.

Review: This Questions raises a question about the target audience analysis and if marketers know what interests their followers? Which topics appeals to them? What would they like to read?

Best Replies:

Our Analysis: Followers tab on your Analytics page enables you to see which topics interest your followers the most. For e.g. 30% of your followers will be interested in Technology or 55% of your followers will be interested in Digital Marketing. You can use this information to create content and plan your marketing strategies keeping in mind your follower’s interest and in turn benefit your business.

Our followers are mostly interested in Finance and Financial news. Bingo! This makes life so easy while thinking about topics to create content on.

Interests on Twitter

Review: It is a simple question which targets Twitter Cards. Does Twitter Analytics influence you to use Twitter cards frequently? If it influences then why does it? If not then why it does not? This can be known once you understand and start using this Twitter tool.

Best Reply:

Our Analysis: If you want your tweets to be attractive and want give them a magnetic effect to attract users then Twitter Cards are the best option. You can attach rich media experiences to your tweets through Twitter Cards. Many people might not have noticed but there is a Twitter Cards tab on your Analytics page. Analytics can help you in improving key metrics such as URL clicks, app install attempts and Retweets for Twitter Cards. You even have the option to view performance of your Twitter Cards directly through Twitter Card Analytics.

Review: This question is meant for sharing information about other Twitter tools which you use for Twitter Marketing. Many marketers use different Twitter tools which most of the people don’t know about.

Best Replies: Out of the 9 replies, none was retweeted. 2 tools which were mentioned in the replies were TweetDeck and Hootsuite which got favorites from Cynthia but were not impressive enough meet her expectations.

Our Analysis: There are different and various useful Twitter tools available that people are unaware of. These tools are used by marketing experts on daily basis to carry out their marketing activities. Some of them are:

• Buffer – It helps you in scheduling your Tweets for future posts. You can post 20 Tweets within an hour and get great analytics for it.

• – It allows you collecting top tweets and curating them automatically or manually in a newspaper style. It can be automatically shared on your Twitter account.

• Twitterfeed – It allows to you add RSS feeds to be shared automatically through your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts each time there is a new update to them.

What Cynthia did on Twitter with these 8 questions was really remarkable as it attracted users to her tweets, enabled social engagement, facilitated sharing of knowledge and educated us with the improve Twitter Analytics; everything you need to market your business on Social Media Platform.

So have you started using Twitter Analytics? Do share with us your experience and queries and we will be happy to attend to them.