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Guarantee FRM Level I & II Success

January 13, 2014

FRM Level I & II exams are around the corner. We at EduPristine are absolutely confident that you will clear the FRM exams with flying colors. We wish all the candidates appearing for the FRM Level I &II Exams on May 17, 2014 the very best of luck.

On the Google+ Page of EduPristine, you will find certain topics that will help you at this crucial juncture.

To ensure that your hunger for more information on FRM I is satiated, we have compiled relevant data on the following topics that will be of great use to you at the last-minute:

1) Vital FRM Formulae to remember before you enter the exam hall

2) Revision of Important Topics (in the form of slides)

3) Recording of Doubts and Questions related to the FRM Exam

Note: All the above-mentioned material is available on our Google+ Page

In order to gain access to the following material, please follow us on Google+.

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If you think you have the slightest inkling of doubt, all you have to do is just visit our Google+ Page and success will be yours!

Thank you for choosing EduPristine and all the best once again!


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