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About Digital marketing:

Digital Marketing simply defined as an umbrella including all internet or online marketing activities that helps in the brand promotion or lead generation in such competitive business environment.
More and more customers are advancing towards digital era, which also influences business to incorporate digital marketing platform to reach maximum audiences within a short period.

digital marketing

Define Digital Channels and its types

Digital Channels simply described as various mediums or paths that help the organization or marketers to promote themselves among various customers (new and existing both) within domestic as well as international market. Digital Channels combines Google search, display, email, social media (Facebook) and websites.

Types of digital marketing tactics available with a brief description

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  2. It defines as the process to optimize the website on various aspects in order to rank higher in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) therefore generate organic traffic to your website or domain.

  3. Content Marketing

  4. This marketing approach focused on creating valuable and unique content that attracts and helps in retaining defined audiences or customers. On current market scenario, customers always looking for rich and authentic data or content that acts as a defining factor in making decisions over the call to action.

  5. Social Media Marketing

    In the recent times, social media platform becomes an integral part of product promotion as well as creating an awareness. In this competitive market scenario, it is essential to promote your brand among the top. Among various social media platforms, some of the biggest players like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. plays a huge role in promoting your brand globally. Social media marketing also helps in generating leads that helps in driving business by motivating customers to undertake necessary call to action.

  6. Pay-Per-Click Campaign (PPC)

  7. PPC is a very common jargon very common among digital marketers and business people alike which refers to pay-per-click model.This model allows you to display your ads against related search results where the advertiser only pays to the search engine when user or audiences click on the ad. Among all search engines, Google is the most popular one where marketers put the maximum use of PPC campaigns. Digital marketers use to bid on the target keywords effectively so that their ads are shown on search engine result page (SERP).

  8. Affiliate Marketing

  9. Affiliate Marketing defines as performance oriented marketing approach, where business unit compensate affiliates for each visitors or buyers while having services or products.
    In this type, affiliates promote a certain brand or services. When visitors visit the brand through the affiliate via his link, lands on particular merchant sites or make a call to action, that business reward affiliate with a commission. This also improves business daily visitors as well as increase customer database. Thus, this marketing approach serves both affiliates and the business.

  10. Email Marketing

  11. Email Marketing is an online marketing approach where it uses electronic mailing approach to reach potential customers or users. This is a very standard and much-needed in each and every industry.

    There are various purposes of Email Marketing, which are as follows

    • It helps in developing as well as maintaining the relationship with new as well as existing customers with business units.
    • Another purpose of email marketing is to acquire new-targeted customers and increase brand awareness to targeted groups.
  12. Video Marketing: Video marketing

  13. is exactly what it sounds like, marketing with the help of a video. Did you know that a video can help in getting 50 times more organic page ranks as compared to plain text? That is not it, the web pages which have videos embedded to have a higher average time as compared to those without videos. It is also observed that people who watch videos are more likely to make a purchase and feel more confident while making the purchase. The best marketing videos are less than a minute and having a video of 10 seconds has a much higher impact as the consumers prefer watching short videos.

  14. Analytics:

  15. Marketing analytics is another important component that helps us to track the number of users present on our website at a given period, the number of sessions completed, it also helps us to determine the bounce rate and, most importantly how many people ended up purchasing from the website. Here a user refers to a visitor that lands on our website. Session duration is the amount of time spent by a user on the website. A session is for 30 minutes each and the high number of sessions means the user is highly engaged. Bounce rate here refers to the percentage of people who leave the website midway without browsing more than a single page which generally is the homepage. 


Advantages of learning digital marketing?

Before answering this question, who should learn digital marketing? Marketing professionals, as well as business or entrepreneurs, should definitely have a good understanding of Digital MArketing. There is an increase in the tendency to incorporate online marketing besides traditional marketing approach. There is also an increase in demand for doing digital marketing course that both serves a boost to your career as well as business.

Here are some of the advantages of doing digital marketing course

As an entrepreneur or running a business, competition is an integral part, where comes digital marketing platform that helps in driving more traffic. It helps in implementing strategies, to measure approach that helps in reaching more customers. It also drives better ROI than traditional or offline marketing approach while maintaining better product awareness and promotion.

As a marketing professional, for marketing and sales professional, those who are in traditional marketing segment, this is the high time to be a successful digital marketer. With an increase in demand for hiring digital marketing professional by business units, there is also lacking proper digital marketing trained professionals. Trained professionals in online marketing are in high demand for various sectors and industries.

As a student, 1st job opportunity is the most important factor that mostly drives career path as well as opportunity. Among various options to choose, opting for digital marketing career not only helps in shaping your salary structure but also a career-defining factor. It also increases future opportunity in various sectors and industries.

About Edupristine’s Digital Marketing course

At Edupristine, you will experience various arrays of digital marketing training programme.
Live Online Training
• Online classroom
• Online study materials
• Live training and practice session
• Certification (including preparing for Google Certification)
• Placement Assistance on successful completion of course
• 24*7 access to study materials online
Classroom Training
• 80 Hrs classroom training by Google certified trainers
• Study materials through the online portal with 24*7 access
• Live demo and practising of exercises and solving case studies
• Certification with assisting in preparing for Google Certification

Course structure provide by Edupristine are as follows

Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
Chapter 2: Web analytics
Chapter 3: SEO – On Page
Chapter 4: SEO -Off Page
Chapter 5: PPC and Video Marketing
Chapter 6: Social Media Marketing
Chapter 7: Email and Mobile Marketing
Chapter 8: Affiliate Marketing

How digital marketing course at Edupristine helps you

Benefits that you will receive after successful course completion are as follows
• With the increase in demand for Digital Marketing professional, various online campaigning and better ROI is essential to achieve for any business units. Here you will not only experience the theoretical knowledge but also experience on how to implement through live demo and practices in real time
• Here, you will learn various SEO tools and approaches that help in optimizing and ranking of a website and driving quality traffic. Thus, SEO being an integral part of Digital Marketing, this course will help you to become successful SEO professional.