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Diwali Celebrations at #EduPristine

November 2, 2013

At EduPristine, we welcomed the festival of lights in advance amidst great fun, frolic, lights, food and sweets. The entire team assembled as one and embraced this joyous moment together. There were games like Tambola, a plentitude of presents and mithai for everyone.

Diwali Celebrations at #EduPristine 

Mr. Paramdeep Singh, Director, EduPristine, was accompanied by his family and his small, enthusiastic son felicitated the celebrations by cutting the cake. Team members of EduPristine were also asked to invite their families. What followed was a series of events that everyone present at that point of time will cherish and remember for long. The camaraderie, spirit, secularism and unity amongst all at EduPristine was truly a heart-warming sight.

Diwali Celebrations at #EduPristine


In light of the spirit of secularism, all festivals are celebrated with great and equal fervor.

EduPristine hopes that this Diwali has lit up your life in more ways than one. Diwali brings prosperity, success, luck, good health and array of relationships for which we remain eternally grateful. EduPristine’s hope is that you are always blessed with all these things and that they remain unblemished and untarnished throughout your life.

Diwali Celebrations at #EduPristine

EduPristine once again hopes that the divine light of Diwali brings into your life peace, prosperity, happiness and good health.

Diwali Celebrations at #EduPristine

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