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Domino’s “Tweet a Pizza” Goes Live

May 21, 2015

Domino's pizza

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On 12th May Domino’s pizza Twitter account sent out a stream of tweets made up entirely of pizza emojis. It was done to let the world know about the Domino’s pizza order delivery via Twitter effective from 20th May. Finally, the wait was over and tweet a pizza went live on 20th May 2015. Within hours of going live, Domino’s Twitter account was flooded with pizza orders. Some of the foodies were satisfied with this service while some of them had to go to bed empty stomach. Let us analyze some of the tweets to give you a review of how this strategy made its impact.

As we know now that you have to register your Twitter account with Domino’s and set up tweet ordering in your pizza profile, once you are done with these steps you get the following message:

Most of the orders placed via tweets could not be processed as these users had not registered themselves with Domino’s easyorder. They tweeted the pizza emoji and #EasyOrder @dominos and they got the reply wherein they were asked to set up tweet ordering in their pizza profile first before tweeting an order. If you haven’t registered yourself then make sure you do before ordering a pizza or the message which you will get will be as follows:

Now, if you have done it right, if you have registered yourself, your Twitter account and set up tweet ordering in your pizza profile then you are ready to roll. You can now order pizza via Twitter by tweeting a pizza emoji OR #EasyOrder @dominos. On successful placing a tweet order you will get a message as follows:

Once you get the above message, just relax and wait for your cheesy, delicious and mouth watering pizza treat. Your order is on its way to your place.

However, there were some problems that people faced with this whole tweet a pizza makeover by Domino’s. People complained of getting the pizza delivery late and most of the people tweeted that they didn’t know how to register and set up tweet ordering in their pizza profile. Domino’s, in reply to their complaints, mentioned the link through which they could get information on setting up tweet ordering. If you are facing similar problem then all you have to do is click on the link which will take you to the Domino’s page and then click on ‘TWEET’. Read the instructions given and set up your all new tweet ordering. Easy isn’t it?

After analyzing the tweets, we can conclude that Domino’s pizza order delivery via Twitter is one of its kind innovations in the restaurant industry. It is a brilliant attempt by Domino’s to gain not only popularity but to attract many more customers and develop loyalty for them. Time will only tell how this service will work for Domino’s.

P.S. – If you are tweeting pizza emoji @dominos then make sure you keep the number of characters below 25. #EasyOrder can accommodate till 140 characters.

Do share your views on this service if you have ordered a pizza via Twitter and if not yet then don’t wait, TWEET A PIZZA.

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