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If you are a small or a medium sized business promoting your brand on Twitter, then make sure that you are not committing any of the following mistakes and if you are then be quick to make it right.

1. Leaving your bio empty

How is one supposed to know about you or your business if your bio is empty??? Some basic information about your business is a must for attracting the followers. Along with the bio, make sure that you have a decent profile picture, a cover image and background. These small things change the overall look of your Twitter Profile. Filling your bio does not mean writing a full essay, just be crisp and precise while writing the bio just as the example below.

Filling bio on Twitter

2. Not Following Back

Unless you are a celebrity or a very big brand make sure that you follow back some of your important followers. Sometimes when you don’t follow some of your important followers then you come across as a person who is very elite and does not follow back. This can harm the image of your brand or company.

3. Pushing Facebook updates directly in Twitter Feed

Do you have your Facebook page synced with your Twitter profile??? Well always remember that your Facebook Audience is way too different than your twitter followers. Some posts may work wonderfully on Facebook but do not generate good response on twitter and that’s because the mindset of people on both the platforms is different. Design your content differently for different people. Also, when you sync your Facebook page to twitter, your full posts are not visible and there is no guarantee that your follower will click on the link to read more.

linking Facebook account to twitter

4. Neglecting Hashtags

Hashtags can help the organizations to track their own activity. If you are coming up with a new product or a contest than you can create some unique hashtag for it so you can track the response and reply or retweet the tweets respectively. Also, through hashtags you can keep yourself updated with the latest trending topics and can design some plan around it if possible.

5. Retweeting too much

Retweeting almost every tweet that you come across is not a very good idea, it will make your profile cluttered and your followers might feel bored and decide to unfollow you. Sometimes you retweet stuff just because you yourself don’t have anything new to post. But that shouldn’t be the case. Retweet only the stuff which you think affects your business in some or the other way.

6. Not Tracking Results

Not tracking the results of your twitter campaigns is one of the major mistakes that one can make. The only way to know, that whether your efforts have paid off or not is by tracking the response of your campaigns. You must always know the engagement level, growth rate in the number of followers, click on your tweets, etc. Use google analytics to track the results and to measure traffic on your website through twitter (image 1). Also, you can go through your twitter performance by using twitter analytics (image 2).

Twitter tracking on google analytics

Twitter tracking through twitter analytics

We have mentioned all the basic mistakes that we have come across on Twitter. If you feel that something important was missed out in the list, feel free to mention it in our comments section.