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2nd April 2013: EduPristine is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Webinar series: Building Financial Model for Valuation (Accenture plc), which was organized exclusively for its Alumni. We thank all the candidates who registered and attended these webinars, thereby making it a great success.

Edupristine launched this incredible journey of Financial Modeling through brilliantly coordinated set of 4 webinars. These sessions dealt with the financial modeling for a real life company: Accenture plc. Candidates were exposed to the real financial data of the company, and were taught from scratch how to build a financial model.

After every session students were provided with a video recording of the webinar for easy recap and future reference. Also in case any registered student was unable to attend the live webinar, he/she received complete video recording of the session so as to match with the pace in the next session.

Entire learning was split into 4 broad modules (webinar sessions, 2 hour each), delivered on weekly basis. Topic wise break for each session was as follows:

  • Webinar 1: Foundation for Modeling
  • Webinar 2: P&L and BS Modeling
  • Webinar 3: Cash Flow & Ratio Analysis
  • Webinar 4: Valuation & Analysis

We received a terrific response from our students regarding this webinar series. It seems they have been waiting for something like this since long. “These webinar sessions were great. We learned more about getting the data, and formatting it in required form so that it can be worked upon for building great financial models” says a student of EduPristine. Another alumnus Stuart Ainslie says “I found it very useful getting the parameters together to make the forecast. I would love to have such sessions in future”.

Seeing the positive feedback of students, EduPristine plans to organize more such sessions for its alumni as well as for public. “Our aim is to consistently improve the Learning Experience of our Alumni and match their pace with the practical professional scenario” says Pawan Prabhat, Director, EduPristine. With a broad vision of transforming every individual into a Financial Modeling expert, EduPristine strive to be the guiding light for all those professionals who are or want to be associated with Finance.