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This is an interview in a series of Interviews that EduPristine Careers will conduct. EduPristine sets up meetings with professionals/ students / other people, who have been successful in clearing digital Marketing, and gets their views on how to succeed. EduPristine is hopeful that it will provide the readers with some insight into how to build a successful career and other certification courses in digital marketing. See how Dp Vishwakarma Switched Career from Engineering to Digital Marketing?

Engineering to Digital Marketing

EduPristine recently had a conversation with Dp Vishwakarma, a top Digital marketing professional based in India. He shares his views about how he has achieved this position from initial thought/ ideas of building a career in Digital marketing field to its execution & hard work he paid off reaching to the top. He explains that a strong desire to achieve something and a key interest in digital marketing are the two topmost ingredients that made him choose this certification. Being from engineer background (B.Tech from KIET Ghaziabad), Dp Vishwakarma is a proud founder of KeywordsFly~ the top & most rapidly growing Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR, India.
Here is a Questionnaire with answers that will surely help you build a strong willpower if you are looking to achieve something unique in Digital marketing field.

Question 1: Are you still into Engineering, or have completely taken a switch to Digital Marketing?

Dp Vishwakarma: I have graduated as an Electrical Engineer but now completely working as a Digital Marketing Consultant helping businesses to expand their online existence through the proper use of SEO & other Digital Marketing tools. If I talk about my past working experience, I started my career at an early age of 17 at the MLM Company. In spite of being a B.Tech, I didn’t want to go into the technical field. I wanted to do something different and seemed interesting to carry forward my career. This is when I stepped into the marketing field (well, it’s more like a by chance). I was pressurized for doing MBA, but I preferred certification in Digital marketing course. Today, I consider myself lucky to be listed at the top of Digital marketing Consultant in India on Google. Presently I own a successful Digital Marketing Agency~ KeywordsFly and have a big list of happy clients around India & abroad.

Question 2: What made you think of upgrading to Digital Marketing?

Upgrading your skills is an utmost necessity in almost every field. You cannot just sit and relax with your existing knowledge and set of skills. There is always a time when you need to upgrade your skills to remain at the top. The same applies to this field. I rely on upgrading to the existing skills that help me keeping competitive at every phase of time & changing trends. If you follow my tip- Keep monitoring & observing the changes Digital Marketing industry faces with time, execute your plan accordingly and I assure you of getting all success in no matter of time.

Question 3: To what extent do you think will “Engineering Skills” help you in Digital Marketing?

Dp Vishwakarma: As a student, I participated in various college events & fest many times. My presentation for App designs and website marketing ideas has always fetched first prize & huge praises to me. That time I was not even aware of the term ‘digital marketing’. I got into this field accidentally after I completed my graduation & wandering for a job. If you are wondering whether engineering skills are of no use for me now then it’s pretty wrong. I think engineering & Digital marketing are somewhat interrelated to each other. Just like in engineering you fundamentally resolve issues/problems, in the same way, Digital marketing field also uses your fundamental skills to resolve the errors while finding new ways to apply existing knowledge. My engineering knowledge helped me grasping Digital marketing technical terms like:
● App/Website Planning
● Email marketing server configuration
● Website editing and landing page creation
● HTML Meta tag creation for SEO and many more things

Question 4: How has Digital Marketing helped you in your career growth until recent times?

Dp Vishwakarma: On sharing the importance of Digital Marketing in my current profile, it is everything to me. I got secured a stable top position on Google’s first page. Just try searching for queries like “Digital Marketing Expert in India” or “Digital Marketing Consultant in India’ and you’ll land upon me. Digital marketing helped me in generating high leads. I cannot deny to the fact that Digital Marketing has really changed my life to the core. Today, I am a proud owner of KeywordsFly which is growing too fast, touch wood, and working for many domestic & foreign clients.

Question 5: How easily have you grasped the Digital Marketing content?

Dp Vishwakarma: Digital Marketing subject is like a vast ocean that has a huge list of tools & techniques that you must grasp to build a strong business network in the online world. Moreover, Digital Marketing keeps on changes according to time and technology. So, you have to keep learning & adapt the change in the most positive manner as per the changing trends. Just focus on remaining up-to-date with new techniques, tools, and methods with the help of latest video and blogs related to digital marketing & changes in Google Algorithm. I simply follow a few platforms to learn new things.

Question 6: Why do you think it’s important to learn Digital Marketing today? Share about the benefits you can foresee about building a career in the Digital Marketing industry.

Dp Vishwakarma: There is a high demand for digital marketing experts these days since almost every business today, look for their prospective clients online. Every business requires digital marketing techniques to spread the awareness & build the brand image of their products & services among a huge number of audience. Making a career in the field of digital marketing would be the best option for those students/professionals who have a keen interest in this sector. Digital Marketing subject is vast and joining a digital marketing course certification will be best to get a deep understanding of it.

Question 7: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Dp Vishwakarma: I simply can’t predict the future. But yes, I am doing very hard to reach my career and business to the top level. Presently I am fully into internet marketing & enjoy building my client’s businesses with my learned techniques. Looking at this scenario, I am confident to reach a satisfactory level of renowned internet marketer in the world within 5 years.

Question 8: Why do you think a certification and hands-on training important for Digital Marketing?

Dp Vishwakarma: Certifications, practical skills, and hands-on training will help establish the base for your Digital Marketing skills & knowledge. So, taking a course in digital marketing is totally worth it if you want to sharpen up your blunt edges.

Question 9: Share about the benefits you can foresee about building a career in the Digital Marketing industry.

Dp Vishwakarma: Digital Marketing industry has already created & is still creating huge opportunities for everyone. You can become a freelancer, working from home as a part-time job, start your own venture/company, or get a good job in an MNC with an excellent salary. It’s a very demanding profile nowadays. As an entrepreneur, you can increase your online presence through proper Digital Marketing techniques.

Question 10: What do you think about EduPristine as a course provider?

Dp Vishwakarma: EduPristine is playing an important role in creating talented digital marketing professionals. The course content for digital marketing is wholesome and hands on. They are also doing excellent work by publishing interviews of experienced Digital Marketing professionals to help the beginners getting quick tips from professionals and stay focus on this path of their career.