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Blue Star, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration major is entering the in-built water purifier segment in collaboration with Eureka Forbes.

“This is the first time, Blue Star and Eureka Forbes, together are offering this product. This is important part of it. We are leaders in water cooling and Eureka Forbes is a leader in water purification,” Blue Star Executive Director and President, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Business, B Thiagarajan told reporters in Chennai.

Each are leaders in their segments, Blue Star in water cooling and Eureka Forbes in water purification. This is the first time that these companies are entering into any kind of partnership. They would be rolling out Blue Star storage coolers built with Aquaguard water purifiers. They’re priced at Rs.66,000 for 80 litre storage and Rs.88,000 for 120 litre storage capacity. This line consists of 4 models of which 3 models are with UV purification technology and 1 with RO purification technology. UV-based Purification systems are aimed at markets with low TDS (total dissolved salts) and RO-based purification system is meant for high-TDS markets.

Most water coolers used currently have external water purification systems which reportedly has certain limitations. The new range of water coolers from the partners are targeted at educational institutions, canteens, hostels, factories, and commercial establishments, among others. Eureka Forbes manufactures most of these external water purifier systems.

A V Suresh, Eureka Forbes International Operations President said that there’s a lot of synergy between the two companies.

B Thiagaraja, Blue Star Executive Director and President said that the company would cater to commercial institutions through this collaboration and expects to garner Rs 250 crore revenue by 2018. According to their conservative expectations, each of the firms would reach Rs.125 crore revenue three years down the line with the expectation that the market would be Rs.300 crores by 2018.