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Excel Tutorial – Basic Excel

SUMPRODUCT function in Excel

Excel’s SUMPRODUCT function returns the sum of the products of corresponding array components.

Common Errors in Excel

Learn about the tricks which will help you to avoid the most common errors occurring in Excel.

Countif and Sumif in Excel

The SUMIF and COUNTIF functions in Excel are simple conditional functions that can help you analyze subsets of your data.

Creating Pivot Table in Excel

A pivot table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set.

HLOOKUP in Excel

HLOOKUp function in Excel helps you to find the specific data stored in a horizontal table.

Rule Precedence in Conditional Formatting

When you create more than one conditional formatting rule for a range of cells, it is important that you understand how these rules are evaluated on basis of Rule precedence.

Conditional Formatting in Excel

Use Excel conditional formatting to color rows, hide duplicates, highlight items or hide errors.

VLOOKUP in Excel

VLOOKUP in Excel helps to retrieve specific data from a database or table of data

Useful tips for using Google Spreadsheets

Learn how to create, edit and format your Google worksheets with the help of this article.

Basics of a Google Spreadsheet

Use the Sort and Filter function in the Google spreadsheets and work with ease and convenience.

Finding and removing duplicates in Excel

Learn how to find and remove the duplicate values in an Excel sheet with the help of an example.

8 must know excel functions for data analyst

Develop a good understanding of these important data analysis functions and have a successful career as a data analyst.

Hiding things in Excel

Sometimes hiding certain things in Excel makes the sheet looks clutter free so use these tips to hide cells, rows, columns, and worksheet in Excel

Selecting suitable chart in Excel

Too many options of chart create too much of confusion. Know which is the right chart for your data through this article.

Logical functions in Excel-2

Through this Excel tutorial, learn to use the very important logical functions in Excel like Nestedif, OR function, OR AND function etc.

Text functions in Excel

Learn when to use which text function in Excel with the help of easy to understand formulas.

Logical functions in Excel-1

Through this Excel tutorial, learn to use the important Logical functions in Excel that is IF function and AND function.

AutoSum function in Excel

Instead of remembering the formula, use this easy AutoSum function to calculate the sums of particular rows and columns.

Cell Referencing in Excel

While applying the formulas, understand the difference between the Relative, Absolute and Mixed Cell reference.

Rounding functions in Excel

Roundoff your numbers easily in excel with the help of Round, Roundup and Rounddown fuctions.

Excel Experts on Twitter

Follow these top 10 Excel Experts on twitter and stay updated with the latest tips and tricks in Excel

Excel Shortcuts

Formatting tips and shortcuts in Excel

Distinguish your important data from the rest of your data by using the Conditional Formatting option in excel.

Excel shortcuts for Mac Users

For all the Mac users we bring some basic and quick Excel shortcuts that can help in the long run.

10 time saving Excel Shortcuts

List of some basic Excel shortcuts that will help you to save a lot of time and effort.

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel

Give a break to your mouse and use these time saving keyboard shortcuts in Excel

Advanced Excel

Radar Charts in Excel

Radar chart is a graphical representation of more than one variable in 2 dimensional form represented on an axis starting from the same point.

CheckBox Toggle in Excel

Do you know about the Checkbox Toggle tool in MS Excel, which forms an important part of Financial Modeling? If you don’t, read about it here!

Lesser Known facts in Excel

Excel is vast and to know it completely is quite impossible. Learn about some of the lesser known facts in Excel.

Football Field Graph

A football field graph is a graph showing the valuation of a company based on different methodologies.

Financial Modelling Aesthetics

Learn to work with Excel in a beautiful way by generating aesthetically correct Financial Models

SUMIF function to optimize Financial Model

Learn how to optimize your financial models with the help of SUMIF function.

7 Lessons Every Financial Modeler Must Know

If you want to be a successful Financial Modeling professional, then make sure that you know these 7 lessons.

Facts about Excel Functions and charts

Read this blog to demystify some of the useful facts about Excel Functions & Charts in Financial Modeling.

Financial Modeling and Circular Referencing

Learn how Circular Referencing works in Excel for Financial Modeling right here!

Quick way to analyze Financial Models

Analyze your financial models in a quick and easy way with the help of this blog

Pivot Tables and Charts in Excel

In this tutorial learn how to prepare dual axis chart using pivot table and to create charts with dynamic headings and using pivot table.

Waterfall Graphs in Excel

Create Excel Waterfall chart to show fluctuations in value for positive and negative amounts.

Hide and Unhide sheets in Excel 2

Learn about the different ways to hide and unhide the sheets in Microsoft Excel

Hide and Unhide sheets in Excel 1

Learn about the different ways to hide and unhide the sheets in Microsoft Excel

Sensitivity analysis using 3 input variables

Most of the sensitivity analyses use one or two variable inputs, through this article learn how to use 3 input variables in sensitive analysis.

Sensitivity analysis using 2 input variables

Carry out the sensitivity analysis using 2 input variables with the help of this step by step tutorial.

Cash flow statement template in Excel

Creating templates for finance models helps you to stay on track and help you to get a systematic structure in thoughts and model in excel. Through this tutorial learn to create a cash flow statement template in Excel.

Tips to Induce Robustness in a Financial Model

Learn how to induce the robustness in a financial model with the help of an example.

Tips and tricks to make your Financial Model Scalable

A model is said to be scalable if it can be scaled up or down easily to handle addition or deletion of variables and / or time periods.

Simplification tips for Financial Modelling

The simpler The better. Go through these amazing set of tips to keep your Financial Models simple.

Building a Financial Model under Distress

Learn how to create a DCF Financial Model under Distress within an hour’s time with limited data.

Creating a template for Income Statement

Creating a template simplifies the work. Learn to create the template for income statement in Excel with easy to remember steps.

Building an Asset Schedule in Excel

Through this article, learn to build am Asset schedule easily in Excel.

Projections in Excel

After calculating the ratios, learn how to forecast your projections in Excel

Analyzing Ratios in Excel

Download our sample excel model containing all the formulas for ratios and start with your ratio analysis.