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Facebook ad reports will now have a new addition to it and that will be ‘Relevance Score’. Facebook recently announced this new ad feature that will not only benefit the marketers but also the general public, as this will ensure that they see the ads that are relevant to them. Google ads had introduced this similar feature a very long time back and now with Facebook too adding it will only ensure good quality ads on Facebook as well.

How the Relevance score shall be decided?

As per the announcement by Facebook, relevance score shall be calculated on the basis of positive and negative feedback. So if your ad generates like, share or a website visit then it will be counted as a positive feedback and if people hide or report your ad, then it will be counted as a negative feedback. Your ad shall be rated on the scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

This is how the relevance score shall be presented to the advertisers.

How will the Relevance score help?

Higher the relevance score lower the cost to be delivered. According to Facebook, relevance score shall play an important part in deciding the delivery of the ad which means that higher your score, the more audience you can reach.

You can also test your ad creative and copy and accordingly run your ad campaign. If your current ad creative and copy are giving you a lower relevance score then you can change them as this will ensure that more people are reached.

This is a great step by Facebook in improving the ad quality but you should not entirely rely on it. If you think that your ad is giving you your desired results but the relevance score is low then there is no need of changing either the creative or the copy. Getting a good relevance score is important but getting the desired results out of your ad is equally important, so don’t keep the relevance score the primary indicator of your ad’s performance.

We are looking forward to your comments regarding this new development in the Facebook ads.