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Say Hello to Facebook’s Hello

April 25, 2015

One of the life’s biggest dilemmas is whether to answer or ignore a call from an unknown number. Answering the call and realizing that it is from some sales company will make you regret your decision and ignoring will lead to curiosity about the caller. Facebook comes to your rescue for avoiding such situations by introducing Hello.

Facebook has introduced this amazing app that connects with your Facebook account and can show you the information about the unknown caller on your phone. Through Hello you will be able to see the name, profile picture and other information that is shared by the caller on their Facebook profile provided that they have changed their default settings that will allow Facebook to access its information.

Facebook Caller id app

This Hello app is quite similar to the TrueCaller app, the main difference being the sync with Facebook account option.

You can also get rid of the unwanted calls by blocking their numbers through this app. It also gives you options to automatically block the numbers that are blocked by your common contacts. Blocked calls go straight to voicemail and can be reviewed in your recent calls.

blocking calls through Hello

Along with various other features, Hello also helps you to easily search not only your friends but also the businesses. It provides you with contact information and other important information and also lets you to call with a single tap. So even if you just type pizza in the search bar, then you shall get information about the pizza places in the nearby location.

searching in hello

Currently Hello has been rolled out on public testing in US, Brazil and Nigeria and soon it will be available in other countries as well. iOS users won’t be able to enjoy this app since iOS does not let apps interact with phone calls so currently Hello is only available on Android phones.

So have you downloaded Hello yet?? If yes then do share your experiences with us.

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