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Facebook IPO and its valuation has generated enormous interest in the investor community (both retail and institutional)throughout the world. Many potential investors want a financial model in MS Excel© which can help them in a thorough analysis of the company.

Creating such models have always been a time-taking and daunting exercise. Pristine has created an integrated valuation model based on publically available information. The Pristine Facebook IPO Valuation is available as an open-source model for any user.

Kindly note that this model is meant for information purpose only.

The complete structure of the model and formulas, linkages etc. have been kept open to allow for any modification on the part of the user.

Pristine conducts extensive trainings for financial modeling in MS Excel©. These trainings are targeted towards investors/ professionals who are looking for a career in finance (Investment Banking, PE, Broking, Equity Research, etc.).

At the completion of the trainings, the participants should be able to create models like these.