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In this era where the human herd is socializing on Facebook, every person is becoming a celebrity. It often seems wonders to get the fame with social media, but maximum credit goes to Facebook page likes. Having a Facebook page flooded with likes, makes you approach more people around. Facebook increases your visibility with each like and ultimately hike in the number of followers.
facebook page likes

But do these Facebook page likes and followers contribute anything? Let’s find it out

Does Facebook page likes matter?

A single like on a Facebook page shows an interest of a real human. This can be in any of your activity or image or any post. Once people like your page they follow your updates on it. Therefore, even a single action is shown as a feed from you to their home screens. This helps in keeping your followers engaged in your work. And this keeps your account active. And each like effects the approach of other likes too.

For example- A likes a page XYZ, now A’s friend will also be able to view the page and can like it.

Making effective relationships

With a Facebook like, strong social connectivity is maintained with ease. Once you like a page, each activity of that page is visible on your feed and you can connect with it. Suppose you follow a Bollywood page, then each post, video, image from that page will be visible for you. So, if your business page has a list of 500 followers, then your updates will be viewed by 500 followers and as a suggestion on those 500 followers’ friends too. This interlinking helps to widen the network of likes and followers.

Buying Facebook page likes

At times to gain your business a big name among the consumers, you tend to buy Facebook likes. This is a quick way of promoting your business. Facebook likes are of two types- paid and unpaid. The paid likes are gained by designing a Facebook ad campaign with which you can customize the type of followers you want on your page. With the help of paid likes, optimizing the virality of your page becomes easy.

On the other hand, Unpaid Facebook likes are a bit slow. If after the page construction it is only updated daily, then likes hitting the page without any paid promotion is the unpaid likes.

Why Facebook page likes is still important?

We know that in the past 5 years many other social platforms have buzzed up in the market. Still, Facebook has maintained its unbeatable position. Despite all other social platforms, Facebook is still considered the most interactive platform for connectivity. The most reliable quality about Facebook is its ad campaigning.

With this Facebook like an ad campaign, it shows customized content. If a person does want to see updates of the certain category they can remove it. This platform always connects right people with right business. For example- You have a page showing your jewelry business, now you can make your page viral for likes to those people who are interested in jewelry. Thus, expert ad campaigns from Facebook help in earning real and valued likes.

How can you increase your Facebook Page Likes?

The fact that Facebook is so popular among the marketers is that it is much easy to convert your Facebook likes to website traffic or blog. This way you can link the performance of your web platforms from Facebook. Driving performance from Facebook page likes to your website and blogs can give you a hike in the performance.

Let us go through different effective strategies that can help you earn more traffic from Facebook likes:

Attractive giveaways or short contest:

The best way to invite a huge traffic is by creating contests or giveaways on your page. This is the easiest way which attracts a lot of viewers at the same time to like your page. The excitement of getting a prize or gift for free or in return for just alike or tag attracts more people. Therefore, your fan list can expand with a sudden hike with the number of likes. Therefore, earn more attention by engaging contests

Add CTA to your blog:

Wondering what CTA is? Call to Action. Yes, you got it right, most businesses have their own running blogs. These blogs periodically post articles which has a good traffic. By adding a simple share or like Facebook button, you can move your readers to Facebook and like your page. Even using a popup on your blog page which has a eye catchy tagline for your Facebook page can make your readers curious about it. And thus, your blog viewers would want to connect with you on Facebook as well.

Share Facebook Fan offers:

What are serving your fans and followers apart from the fresh content? We all know that nothing is FREE here. So, to keep the connection fresh forever you can gift your Facebook fans with some offers or deals. Not just the content but getting small offers or coupons can again drive your followers and new fans to your page. Eventually this strategy also earns you likes and in a huge number

Chirp and don’t be the ghost:

Often the Facebook pages hype about their business or work during the initial period but are become cool after some time. This sudden appearing and vanishing activity makes your page behave more like a Ghost- who pops up after ages. The essence of this strategy is to make your page updated with consistent posts and content so that you are always among your fans or followers. Making 5-6 short posts or at least 2 post a day keeps your page alive and fresh, and you also recognition among the new people.

Timing is important:

Last but not the least, timeline of your updates is quite necessary. Therefore, you need to post an update on Facebook page at the time of high traffic. This means, whatever time you notice your maximum followers are live, eventually becomes the right moment for your posts to update on your page. In case of worldwide followers, you can divide the time slots as per the time zones.


Now that we have come up so far, it seems that gaining Facebook likes is pretty easy. You must keep going with these strategies to gain maximum Facebook likes. If you haven’t tried any of these, then now is the right time to try these simple strategies and have fun with socializing!