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Apple Watch brings Social Media now on your Wrist

March 10, 2015

Former Adobe Executive and now the Apple’s VP of technology, Kevin Lynch recently took the stage to demonstrate the several social media applications that shall be available on the new Apple Watch. While many apps were displayed, some of the highlighted ones from the list are as follows:


Though Facebook app didn’t get much of the demo time, but it still was the highlight and was among the first product to be launched. You shall get your Facebook notifications on your wrist through this app. Whether it is a friend tagging you in a photo or a friend request, you will be able to check it through your watch.

Facebook on Apple watch


The demonstration for the twitter app was quite brief but through the images we can be sure that you will be able to see the Top trends on twitter with the tweet count on each trend.

Twitter on Apple watch

Well that’s not all; you can also view your timeline, retweet and favorite the tweets and get notified about the new tweets by a single tap. You can also compose your tweets using dictation.

 Twitter on Apple watch


Through the Instagram app of this Apple Watch, you can see the pictures shared by your friends. You can scroll up and down through your Instagram feed by using the watch’s digital crown.

Instagram on Apple watch

When you tap on a particular image you shall see more information about the picture like its location and the likes and comments generated.

Instagram on Apple watch


As compared to others WeChat received a longer demo. Apple watch shall display the incoming messages on WeChat, you can reply to them by tapping on the received message notification. You can either reply through text, sticker or emoji.

WeChat on Apple Watch

Though the Apple most expensive Apple watch costs $17,000, it is still generating some great response across the Social Media.

Apple has taken a big step towards bringing Social Media to your watch. The bigger question here is; how will digital marketing work on these watches?

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