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In the previous two posts we gave you hints on how to model P/L & B/S drives. Today’s post has just a filled template of Historical Drivers of Facebook, so that you can check your efforts and see whether you modeled Historical Drivers of Facebook as we did. And I am sure yours going to match with ours.

How do I create the model then?

Recap of the steps in getting the historical drivers in place


Revenue drivers are model using the YOY or CAGR concept.

Most of the cost drivers are calculate as percentage of revenue while provision for tax is calculated as percentage of earning before tax (EBT).


Balance sheet drivers are modeled by calculating mixed and pure ratios.

I am sure if you tried hard, you would have got it right. If not, let’s discuss the issues on our forum.

Next Steps

Next we will focus on modeling assumption needed to model projected P/L & B/S of Facebook, so tomorrow we will be releasing an unfilled template for you to try on your own to model the assumptions needed to forecast the future financial statements of Facebook.