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There are ample number of finance careers after MBA finance. Students of MBA finance are required in corporations, banks, asset management companies and more. Finance careers after MBA Finance typically start with roles in which the responsibility is majorly financial improvement within that specific firm that hires them. One big misconception people have is MBA Finance suits those with Commerce background, but because of the career opportunities engineers have been turning to it for some time now and that trend is slowly changing with the proliferation of the number of CFA candidates writing the Level 1 exam each year, as the opportunities after CFA are pretty seducing.

The many opportunities in finance careers after MBA finance are discussed in brief in this article.

The Finance Specialization is designed to provide students with the means to gain exposure to 5 major areas in the field of finance.
These areas include

  • Corporate finance
  • Financial institutions
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Personal financial planning
  • Finance careers after MBA Finance in Public Sector:

    Business Finance – entry-level positions in a credit or treasurer’s division where employees may analyze credit applications, support in the management of bill collections, manage cash & short-term investments, prepare budgets, and handle bank relations.

    Financial Institutions – Graduates joining commercial banks may train in various departments for 6-12 months until they begin positions in lending, branch supervision, operations, internal auditing, trusts, and investments.

    Investments – Security analysis and investment portfolio management. Experience is usually necessary.

    Insurance and Risk Management – entry level positions in areas of management training, claims adjustment, underwriting, credit management, and sales. Careers extend into employee benefits, managing exposure to financial risk, reinsurance.

    Personal Financial Planning – Graduates work for an independent financial planning company or a regional branch of a national financial services company, providing services in the areas of investment, insurance, tax, retirement, and estate planning.

    Finance Careers after MBA Finance in Private Sector:

    Obviously beyond the public sector, the finance careers in private sector are more lucrative as private sector, obviously is more dynamic and offers a lot larger salaries to the students of finance. Because this sector grows faster than the public sector, the chances of exciting opportunities are more. Some of the posts that are available for students at the entry level are:

  • Credit Risk Management Analyst
  • Financial Research Analyst
  • Financial/Securities/Investments Analyst
  • Personal Financial Adviser
  • Portfolio Manager
  • As the students are taught about the finer aspects of economics, banking, accounting and market structure etc in their MBA program, they will provide to be valuable for firms, especially firms of the banking sector. Finance specialization in MBA is a good choice for someone who’s looking for lucrative careers after MBA.