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Finance domain for Engineers

May 28, 2010

Everyday we come across questions on when, whether and who should give CFA, FRM exam? Does qualifying these exams ensures a job?

CFA, FRM exams are prestigious worldwide recognized degree exams. They give professional designation to financial analysts who complete a series of exams.

It’s not mandatory that you have to be a professional in finance domain to appear for this exam. These days, engineers, doctors and professionals from other backgrounds who want pursue a career in finance domain opt for these exams.
Qualifying these exams don’t ensure a job but certainly can give you an edge over others. It would be an add on qualification to your career and resume. Companies shortlist the prospective employee’s CV through searching their database on important terms like “CFA”, “FRM“, if these terms appear in your resume, your resume become’s a potential candidate’s CV.

Leading investment banks and firms in financial services domain, definitely give these exams an important weightage while recruiting.

The exams judge your fundamental knowledge in finance domain. The syllabus essentially includes, economics, ethics, Financial statement analysis, Corporate finance, Equities, Derivatives and instruments, Quantitative analysis, portfolio management.

Preparation for these exams require a regular practice on the courses for 5-6 months if you are not from finance domain. If you are already well acquainted with the courses, it can be 2-3 months. Candidates sometimes require some kind of coaching and guidance to prepare for the exams. It is also sometimes required to have regularity and to know how your preparation is with respect to others.

If you want to make your career in finance, passing these exams is going to make your path easier.

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