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Financial Calculator Usage

April 11, 2010


Pristine conducted two sessions on the usage of a financial Calculator. We have uploaded the videos on video sharing site. These sessions are very helpful for people who haven’t used a financial calculator before.

Use of Financial Calculator: Session I

Fiancial Calculator Help From Edupristine.

Use of Financial Calculator: Session II

Pristine: Financial Calculator Help from Pristinecareers.

To Download the videos, please follow the given steps.

  1. For Existing Pristine Students
    1. Please goto
    2. Login here using your login details.
    3. Go to the course in which you are registered, these recording are uploaded in the first portion of the course
  2. For new users
    1. Please goto
    2. Create your account here and then login here.
    3. Now goto any demo couse, on the left hand side there is a link with the name enroll me in this course. Click on this link.
    4. After enrolling in this course, please take a look of the first portion of the course in which the videos are uploaded.

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