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EduPristine, an international leading Finance Training provider, is running a FREE Webinar series on Building Financial Model for Valuation (Accenture plc), exclusively for its Alumni.

“Our aim is to consistently improve the Learning Experience of our Alumni and match their pace with the practical professional scenario” says Pawan Prabhat, Director, EduPristine. With a broad vision of transforming every individual into a Financial Modeling expert, EduPristine strive to be the guiding light for all those professionals who are or want to be associated with Finance.

At EduPristine we have valued the feedback received from each and every candidate, irrespective of its nature. Having been through our financial modeling training sessions, a number of participants wanted an exposure towards valuing a real life company based on publicly available data.

Some of them had also shown intent towards learning the process of conceptualizing and designing the model itself instead of creating the model in predesigned templates. After mastering our FMCG sector case, many participants got back to us seeking a practice case where they could try their hands on modeling a company in services sector.

In this Webinar series, EduPristine is dealing with the Valuation of Accenture plc with the help of financial models. The first session (out of 4) of this webinar series was held on Sat, 9th March 2013.

 “The whole building up of the model from scratch in general was very useful. I had pointed out that this would be a better exercise than template-based teaching while taking the Pristine classroom coaching and I am pleased that it has been acted upon”, says Ankit Aggarwal, an alumnus of EduPristine. Also one of our International alumni Stuart Ainslie says “I found it very useful getting the parameters together to make the forecast. I would love to have such sessions in future”.

Seeing the positive response of our Alumni, we are more than willing to organize such ventures in future. Do give us your feedback and comments so that we can make our upcoming sessions even more fruitful for you.

Even if you have never been associated with EduPristine, you can still benefit from our free modules. Why don’t u try a free sample of Financial Modeling course…learn to create a robust model with Excel…….don’t worry…we are not going to charge you for that….Its FREE

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Moreover EduPristine is granting free access to a similar Case Study on Zynga, exclusively for all those who are not our alumni but are eager to learn financial modeling for a real life company.

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