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Last weekend we had a brilliant session on creating a model for takeover pricing. Around 100 people from across the world attended the session and discussed various aspects of financial modeling. There was some confusion regarding the timing of the webinar, but as indicated in the blog announcement regarding the Financial Modeling for Takeover in Excel blog, we had a timing of 13.00 Hrs GMT. This had to be converted to your own timings and we had used the service of, which does provide a good interface.

For the benefit of those who missed the session, or those who want to review the same, we are uploading the annotated presentation and recording of the webinar.

You can download it, by RIGHT CLICKING on this link and saving to your computer. Our request is to download it before playing so as to reduce the server load.

Link to Financial Modeling for Takeover Annotated Presentation (~1 MB)

Link for Financial Modeling for Takeover Recording (~130 MB)

We have also started a series of articles on Excel Modeling for Value @ Risk (VaR). VaR is considered by far the most important aspect of risk management and we thought that it would be very helpful for our readers/ students to understand how to build models for VaR ground up. You can start learning the basic maths behind VaR Modeling by clicking on the blog.

To keep discussing on the topic and raise all your doubts regarding financial modeling, use of formulas in Excel, Using Pivot tables effectively, excel shortcuts, please put in your doubts in the blog comments. You can also reach the presenter on