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Financial Modeling MasterClass in Singapore

February 4, 2014

Interested in Financial Modeling? Do you want to experience a Live Online Demo Class for Financial Modeling? All you have to do is follow the link to participate in the Preview of Financial Modeling MasterClass.

So we’re on a roll, people! We’ve had a large number of people signing up for the Financial Modeling MasterClass in Singapore. That includes some corporate training batches too.

There are just a few slots left. So book your seat today!

The previous classes proved to be a great success. Here is a link to a blog on one of the training sessions that was conducted previously. Financial Modeling is bound to boost your career in a big way, and the people who signed up for it previously have most definitely benefitted from it. And to add a cherry to the cake, at the end of the classes you will receive certification and GARP and CFA credits to show that you have completed the course.

Here is a brief glimpse at what the Financial Modeling MasterClass is all about.
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Financial Modeling MasterClass Singapore

    Program Objective:

  • Design & Structure various financial problems and translate them to Excel
  • Ability to create models quickly
  • Implement Sensitivity & Charting techniques
  • Understanding techniques to quickly audit robust models
  • Target Audience

  • Financial Research Analysts
  • Project Finance Analysts
  • Corporate Finance Managers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Batch Start Date: 22 February 2014

  • 2-4 Full Days Classroom Training by Industry Experts
  • 20+ Hrs Online Recordings on Financial Modeling
  • Example Workbooks, PDF Guides & Videos, 24×7 Online Support
  • Approved by CFA Inst. & GARP for CE Credit Hours
The days for the classes are:

22 & 23 February, 1 & 2 January

Venue Details:

Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd. , 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 018956

Are you interested in finding out what Financial Modeling is all about? Do you have any queries about what else you can get at the end of the training? Do you want to know how it can help with your career? Do you want to sign up for this batch? Write to us or call us for more details!

Liked the blog? Why don’t you participate in a Live Online Demo Class for Financial Modeling? All you have to do is follow the link to participate in the Preview of Financial Modeling MasterClass

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