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They say that Numbers Make the World Go Round, and nowhere is this view more closely held than in the Financial Modeling industry.

Financial Modeling is one of the most important skills a young analyst or manager can have. Whether you want to become an Excel Hero and build giant models, or you think modeling will only be a small part of your job, getting an understanding of the basics of modeling early and in different areas is extremely valuable.


Financial Modeling & Excel

Financial Modeling is the development of numerical analysis to provide insights into the performance of financial assets, businesses, stocks and other investments. Financial models play a central role in almost every large enterprise decisions, as well as many small ones.

With its versatility, power and global user base, Microsoft Excel has become the most common Financial Modeling platform. Every day millions of Finance professionals and students use financial modeling to make decisions that better help shape our society and corporate landscape. Key users of financial models include: financial analysts, investment bankers, corporate financiers, private equity investors, actuaries, auditors, accountants, engineers, strategy consultants, hedge fund and portfolio managers.


Financial Models Create Value

Financial Models find answers to some of the world’s most important and complex business questions, such as how to:

  • Optimize Capital Allocation: Should we proceed with project A or B?
  • Finance Large Projects: How much debt and equity do we need? How can we service our debt? What are our expected equity returns?
  • Understand Risk: What is the impact of an adverse exchange rate movement on our bottom line? Should we consider hedging it?
  • Value Projects and Companies: What is this project worth? What can we pay for it? If we acquired it, how would the combined entity’s financials look?

We believe that every Financial Model tells a story and the art and science of Financial Modeling is a core skill for anyone in finance. If you are passionate about a career in Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, Portfolio Management, Equities Research or any form of Financial Analysis, we encourage you to enter competitions such as ModelOff and objectively test your skills and become a better finance practitioner.

Improve Your Skills

In addition the variety of online and offline modeling training programs available, ModelOff(the Financial Modeling World Championships)is a fun, educational and challenging global event for professionals and students who love Finance, spreadsheets and numerical analysis.

This year over 3,000 participants from more than 100 countries are expected to compete across 2 online rounds and a Live Finals in New York, all vying for the first prize of $30,000 and title of Financial Modeling World Champion. Registrations are now open and Round 1 starts October 26, 2013.

The current Financial Modeling World Champion is 24-Year-Old Alex Gordon from PwC in New Zealand. Visit to learn more and register. Competition entries close October 25.

Keep Modeling!