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Financial Modeling Take Over SEBI SAST

January 11, 2010

No learning is complete without the application in real world. Certifications like CFA, FRM give a sound grounding in all the concepts of finance – Corporate finance, Valuation, Quantitative analysis, Investment options, Instruments like Options, Futures, Markets, Risk, etc. If it is combined with actual implementation of models, then the understanding would improve manifold.

Excel is the de-facto tool used for modeling in finance. If used effectively, it can enhance your work efficiency by 500-600% and can help you achieve great success. For example, by avoiding the use of mouse (and using keyboard instead), you can increase your speed of modeling and understanding of models by atleast 4-5 times. A simple example would be using the key F2 to see the constituents of a formula, using “ctrl + [” to navigate to the precedents, using “Alt + =” for autosum etc.

Pristine has a goal to create world class professionals, and we feel that to do so – we need to create more awareness about the industry practices of implementing these models in Excel. For this purpose we are conducting a free webinar on Financial Modeling in Excel. The agenda of the webinar would be:

  1. Understanding an Integrated Model
  2. Using Excel to Create an Integrated Model
  3. Basics of Financial Modeling
  4. Enhance Productivity – Shortcuts in Excel
  5. Modeling for Open Offer Takeover Pricing in Emerging Market Context
  6. Introduction to full course on Financial Modeling

The operational details of the presentation are:

  1. To register, click:
  2. Date: 16 Jan, 2010
  3. Timing of the webinar: 13.00 Hrs (GMT) – Please get your own time by clicking on:
  4. Duration of Webinar: 1.5 Hrs – 2.0 Hrs
  5. Price of the webinar: USD 0
  6. Presentation: Click Here to Download
  7. Accompanying Excel Sheet (Data on Takeover Deal): In 2003 format | In 2007 format
  8. Concepts to be covered for Modeling: Formulas (Mod, Sum, floor, etc.), Pivot Tables, Excel Shortcuts
  9. Instructor Profile:Paramdeep Singh is a professional with senior management experience in Investment Banking, Consulting and IT with Accenture, IBM and Standard Chartered, where he strategized business growth strategies and led clients to significant growth. He is a seasoned trainer for senior people in Banking, Finance, Risk Management and an author of several articles and research papers in Finance and technology. He is an alumnus IIT Delhi, IIM Indore.

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