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My experience of modeling tells me that 70% of the effort in creating the financial model goes in finding the relevant data to create the model. If you are starting new on modeling then this could be higher! So I thought before we start modeling for valuation of FB, why not let you find the data relevant to create the P&L (historical) for FB.

I hope that you found it yourself! If you didn’t keep reading and this post speaks about finding the filing from SEC

Where can I find Facebooks Statements?

All companies want to take money from public (IPO – Initial Public Offering) to grow! Some do get a chance! : – ) [Facebook is one of them and believe me its going to take ~USD 5 Bn from people like you and me!]

So we are entitled to know the business of Facebook and how much money is it generating! The regulator ensures that and all the companies that access capital markets in US have to file S1 filing with the regulator. Mortals like you and me cannot get USD 5 Bn, but can always know what this 5Bn is going to generate! 😉

So where do you get this S1 filing for Facebook?

Step 1:

Open Google (What else were you expecting??) and search for EDGAR

Step 2:

Click on the search result

Step 3:

Once the website is open, click on the Search for Fillings at the left side of the page

Step 4:

Inside the search for fillings click the Company or fund name

Step 5:

Enter your search information i.e name of the company for which you need the S1

Step 6:

Click the Find Companies button (given at the bottom of the page)

Step 7:

All different types of fillings made by Subject Company will be shown on the page. Go to S1

Step 8:

Inside that you have to click on the file type

There is an easy alternate way (Not scalable in long term)!

Click on:

Next Steps

Happy Facebooking Modeling (Financial!!)

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