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In the previous post, we saw how to create a Profit and Loss statement. If you did have a look at the templates that we provided, you could have seen that we had also provided the Asset Schedule and the Debt Schedule. This post is on how to create the Asset Schedule.

Fixed Asset

Fixed assets are the long term tangible assets that cannot be converted into cash easily. Fixed assets are used for the production of net income. Fixed Assets are also known as non-current assets.

Example of fixed assets is building, property, plant & equipment (PP&E), furniture etc.

Intangible assets such as patent, copy rights etc are generally not categories as fixed assets but referred to as fixed intangible assets.

Procedure for preparing Asset and Depreciation Schedule

Step 1: Add the old Plant & Equipment with the new purchased

Step 2: Calculate the depreciation on Plant and Equipment using SLM

Old P&E:

New P&E:

Step 3: Calculate the Accumulated Depreciation

Accumulated Depreciation = sum of depreciations on an asset till date.

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