ACCA vs MBA Accounting

For as long as a decade, a degree-holder in MBA was considered as the next big talent by the Big 4’s, and, therefore, MBA’s were pampered with exorbitant salaries. However, today the job scenario is lot different since employers all over the world demand more than a degree. MBA will to a certain extent help you get a decent job, but will that job make you employable for the rest of your life? Below are the top 4 compelling reasons that will truly change your thinking towards MBA, and reconsider as to why ACCA is better.

1. Despite rising numbers of MBA’s, the recruitment rates have fallen down. India is churning out hordes of MBA’s every year which may not be the safest way to thrive in economic uncertainties.

2. Besides this, employers today not only look out for candidates with higher qualification but also someone who has basic management awareness. Individuals getting through both can weigh more on the job scale. ACCA, on the other hand, has a hands-on approach where the students can deal with high level of practical content rather than just theoretical concept. This approach paves the way for students to master various interpersonal skills.

3. ACCA’s are more likely to go under a transformative experience that challenges them to become more confident. Moreover, ACCA’s can attract more senior roles at managerial or director level which will attribute in accelerating their careers. Unlike MBA, ACCA offers more options and greater mobility in terms of international location, since it is a global body and is recognized throughout the world.

4. MBA’s in Accounting are exposed to not-so-important subjects like marketing, IT, HR or SCM, which is quite irrelevant as far as majoring in accounting subject is concerned. Focusing on irrelevant subjects is a waste of time and effort on the part of students. On the contrary, ACCA goes to the depths of accountancy and finance, in order to let you gain enough knowledge in the accounting field.

In short, for everyone looking to add the advanced accounting skills of an MBA, we recommend you to Get an ACCA Qualification and Stand out from the Crowd. EduPristine is an authorized training provider of ACCA qualification. EduPristine is also partnered with one of the leading publishers for ACCA, Becker’s Professional Education. If you are seeking better career options or contemplating a definite career change, EduPristine will shed light on what is important for you, and help you unleash better career opportunities that will change your life for better. Enroll for ACCA qualification today!

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