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Financial Risk Manager (FRM®): An enriching Career Option

April 24, 2017

Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA) offers FRM Program to all risk management Professionals. It’s a globally recognized professional certification. On successful completion of the course, a candidate is offered a ‘FRM Charter’. There are over 26000 FRM charter holders around the globe.

FRM charter holder candidates work in number of industries that includes:

  • Investment banks
  • Commercial banks
  • Central banks
  • Asset management firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Hedge funds
  • Insurance firms
  • Credit agencies

FRM Exam Details:

There are neither educational prerequisites nor professional prerequisites to take FRM exam. However, to become a certified FRM charter holder, candidate needs to follow FRM Program as outlined:

The FRM exam handbook is prepared in a way to meet the requirements of the candidates.

FRM Course Details:

FRM Part I


FRM Exam Format:

  • FRM exam is a pencil and paper, MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) exam.
  • It’s held twice in a year in the month of May and November.
  • The language is common for all; English.
  • Candidate needs to pass FRM PART I exam in order to have Par II graded
  • Both the exam FRM I and FRM II are four hours long.
  • FRM Part I exam is held in the morning and FRM Part II in the afternoon.
  • No Negative marking for incorrect answers
  • Only GARP approved calculators are allowed to be used in the exam
  • Exam Result is sent via Email approximately after 6 weeks of the exam
  • Candidates are provided with quartile results which demonstrates how he/she has performed in specific areas in comparison to other candidates

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