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Have you already taken FRM Part I exam and successfully cleared it? If not, are you planning to take the exam again? In any case you have come to the right place!
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Haven’t cleared FRM Part I exam or planning for FRM?

Firstly, let’s discuss about the people who could not clear FRM Part I exam and are planning to take the test again. If you belong to this category, don’t be disheartened. Start afresh with EduPristine. We have made a brief highlight of our course offerings:

  • To assist you in your preparation, we have Online Training, Live virtual classes and Classroom training for in depth knowledge and better insight of the course

  • We have video tutorials to help you learn the concepts at your ease.

  • We provide topic wise quizzes for better analysis of your learning and also Mock Tests to help you practice in the real time format, which would also provide the exam report card and solutions to the questions

  • Download all the course lesson notes and study on the go. Get Free sample downloads

  • Get your doubts solved by our experts or post it in our Forum for prompt doubt clearance!

  • We have Mind Maps to help you remember everything that you have studied in the most systematic and organized manner for last minute prep.

All this is enough to aid you in clearing FRM Part I exam successfully. Try EduPristine Today.

Gideon Langgam

“Thank you for helping me pass the FRM exam. The thousands of questions in your program really help me prepare. Good Luck to EduPristine Careers ongoing success.”

Cleared FRM Part I exam and Planning for Level II?

For all the people who have successfully cleared FRM Part I exam, congratulations on that! If you belong to this category, now it’s time for FRM Level II exam. Wondering what you should do for successful completion of the course? We would like to get you on track. At the end of the exam prep, you’ll learn to plan for potential risk and much beyond it. We have a course snippet for your help.

  • With the course enrollment you get an easy download access for all the course materials, for a year. Check out our free sample material

  • We have video tutorials created by our experts which will help you in learning the concepts easily.

  • Topic wise quizzes to help you go through all the topics with minute detailing. It has over 400 questions at your help.

  • Moreover we have Mock Tests to analyze your knowledge in real time format, which would help you to understand the level of your preparation!

  • You can clear your doubts anytime, by our experts or post it in our Forum for quick doubt clearance!

A strategically planned study would lead to better performance in the exam and for successful completion of the course; let EduPristine be at your help.