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FRM Course Scope Related Queries Answered

What is the eligibility for the FRM course

  • FRM stands for Financial Risk Manager and is the only course that covers everything about risk and risk management. 
  • Risk is a subtopic of finance but is a vast topic that needs extensive training and learning in order to know the subject thoroughly. 
  • The FRM course is offered by the GARP, an Association based in the United States. GARP stands for Global Association of Risk Professionals, and the association helps in setting benchmarks related to risks, practices, approaches, and other benchmarking activities in the field. 
  • The FRM course eligibility is quite simple. GARP doesn’t restrict any candidate from pursuing the course or registering for the FRM course exam on the basis of academic background. 
  • Whether you are a 12th cleared candidate, or a graduate in any stream, a postgraduate, or a working professional, you can pursue the course any time you wish to. 

FRM Course (Financial Risk Manager)

What is the value of FRM in India

  • FRM course is a certification course in Financial Risk Management, and the FRM course is the only globally recognized professional course in the domain. 
  • FRM course trains the candidate in all the aspects of risk and risk management.
  • With the economic situation becoming dynamic day by day, the need for risk professionals has increased tremendously, not just in India but globally. 
  • There are numerous positions available in India that require a good understanding of risks and good risk management skills. 
  • Some of the positions a Financial Risk Manager can work for are Risk Management Consultant, Operational Risk Analyst, Enterprise Risk Analyst, Commercial Risk Analyst, Credit Risk Analyst, Market Risk Analyst, Regulatory Risk Analyst, Operational Risk Manager, Enterprise Risk Manager, Commercial Risk Manager, Credit Risk Manager, Credit Risk Manager, Regulatory Risk Manager, Chief Risk Officer. 

Is it worth it to pursue FRM certification for moving to UAE

  • Certain courses, like the ones related to accountancy, require country wise training since the accounting standards and reporting formats used in different countries vary. 
  • There is no such case when it comes to financial risk management. The methods and techniques of financial risk management are the same in all the countries. 
  • That means one FRM certification course can provide you with skills to work in multiple countries. 
  • The FRM course certifies the candidate to practice the profession throughout the world. 

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