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D Day: FRM exam is on May 16, 2015.

Are you ready for the FRM exam? Do you feel the tension building? Is it keeping you awake at night thinking of how much you have left to study? Well, worry not. I have been through the same and so have countless others across the globe. The good thing is I have written a blog to ease your prep, just the way I believe it would help any candidate.

It is a simple matter of time management, allocating time to certain topics and sticking to your schedule! But one thing you must always remember: Take deep, long breaths. Do not panic. Stay focused and keep your head clear. You will be amazed at how much better you do when you keep calm and read the rest of this blog!

1) Formula Based #FRM Exam Questions

Do you remember the EWMA formula or the GARCH formula? How about the VaR Portfolio formula? If you think you need to rehash and refresh your memory, just follow the link and read all about it. To make matters simpler for you, we at EduPristine have made a compilation of formulae that are likely to be of use to you in your exam!

2) #FRM Course Planner

Is the tension setting in now that D-Day is approaching? The #FRM exam is on the 16th of November! Are you ready for it? If you think there is too much to do in too little time, we understand and empathize…which is why this #FRM Course Planner is going to be God’s gift to you! So what are you waiting for? Go on and read about it here!

3) Post #FRM Exam 2012 – What to expect in 2013

Now that some of you have already been through #FRM Part 1 exam, you know how to proceed with #FRM Part 2. For those of you who will be giving it the first time, read our blog to find out about other people’s experiences first hand! It’ll give you a better idea of what to expect! There are certain Dos and certain Don’ts. To find out more, keep reading!

4) FRM Exam Preparation for Important Topics in Quantitative Analysis

As you are aware, we host multiple Webinars all throughout the year. This is done with the aim of helping you! So to know about what went down in the Webinar that was conducted earlier this year, just follow the link! It will be especially useful for students who do not have math backgrounds as #FRM is a tricky area!

5) #FRM Exam Quantitative Analysis Questions

For those who are well-versed with the FRM syllabus, you are aware of how important the topics of Probability, Hypothesis, Value at Risk, etc. are. So in this blog, we have listed certain topics such as the Monte Carlo formula, Correlation Regression, Estimating Volatility, etc. and have tried to explain them in accessible terms. So to enhance your knowledge best, read more about it here!

6) #FRM Exam Questions Financial Markets and Products

Here you will find a glimpse into what topics are covered in Financial Markets and Products. Black-Scholes Model, Black-Scholes Model with Greeks, Delta Hedging and many more topics are covered in this blog. Apart from that, there are tips from EduPristine on #FRM prep strategies. To read more, just follow the link!

7) #FRM FAQs:

A list of questions asked by future and present candidates of the #FRM exam has been compiled along with the relevant answers. These include questions about work experience, eligibility criteria, whether a candidate can appear more than once, what books to refer to and much more. To know about the answers to these questions and many more, just follow the link!

8) #FRM Last week Preparations

Here is a list of all the things that you should be doing during your final week of #FRM prep! It includes question marking strategies and lots more. Always remember to plan. If you do not have a plan, then it is a plan to fail. So plan with EduPristine’s tips!

9) #FRM® Preparation tips

A few more tips on #FRM prep to keep you going and to keep your morale high!

10) #FRM Topic-wise time allocation chart

Given here is a break-up of topics along with the amount of time that will be required to do each one. So, go ahead and read it because I believe it will help in your #FRM prep greatly!

11) List of #FRM Core Readings

We have compiled a long list of books and readings that you can refer to for your #FRM prep. These include readings on Basel, Operational Risks and Management, Current Issues in Financial Markets and much more! To see the plethora of readings suggested, just follow the link!