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D Day: FRM exam on November 16, 2013.

It’s coming closer and closer.

By this time you ought to be almost through with your FRM exam prep. You should ensure that the tension is kept at bay at this point. What you should be focusing on right now is to keep a clear and calm mind as this will enable you to study. I have been through the same and so have countless others across the globe. The good thing is I have written a blog on expert opinion and others who have cracked the FRM exam to give you insights regarding your prep. I believe it would help any candidate.

Always remember that it is a simple matter of time management, allocating time to certain topics and sticking to your schedule! But one thing you must always remember: Take deep, long breaths. Do not panic. Stay focused and keep your head clear. You will be amazed at how much better you do when you keep calm and read the rest of this post!

Here are small snippets from each interview:

1) Interview by Mr. Vidur

“Your Advice to FRM/ Finance aspirants:

Vidur: Start early, master at least one set of study notes (preferably Schweser) and do lots of practice questions.”

2) Interview by Mr. Pratik

“Why did you give the FRM exam?

Pratik: As I have a background of Statistics / Math, I thought that the area of risk management would suit me because a quantitative approach towards risk management is assuming great importance. To be able to establish myself in this field, I thought FRM will help as it is the most renowned certification in this field.”

3) Interview by Miss. Gazal

“What has been your Mantra for success?

Gazal: Work very hard. Read as much as you can on the topic and there are no shortcuts.”

4) Interview by Mr. Rishi

“When did you start preparing?

Rishi: We had similar subjects in the MBA course. Hence, our preparation had been started unknowingly. But specifically for FRM, we started in August after we joined EduPristine careers, which made us have a more focused and serious view regarding the certification.”

5) Interview by Mr. Prashant

“What subjects did you concentrate on?

Prashant: I concentrated on Credit Risk and Market Risk. Quant I knew well and had to it once as it is not covered in great detail for the exam. For the other 2 topics, I just had a look at the readings once though I could not comprehend much. I also used Jorion’s Handbook for these topics.”

6) Interview by Mr. Dinesh

“What do you think is the best way to crack the subjects?


a) Credit Risk: Read Michael Ong and Anthony Saunders for good introduction to the area. Read Merill Lynch Credit Derivatives Handbook (available on the internet) for credit derivatives, if time permits.

b) Market Risk: Read the bible: John c. Hull and if time permits, Wilmott.

c) Operational Risk: Not competent to comment.

d) Quantitative Analysis: Gujarati and Levin Rubin and ‘All the math you need’ (Summary given in Wilmott)”

7) Interview by Mr. Umesh

“How best can EduPristine be used for preparing for FRM?

Umesh: EduPristine helped me by clearing my doubts and also helped me gain a better understanding of concepts. Moreover with classes one can expect continuity and regularity in studies. It gives you the material in a brief and easy form and manner, which enhances better understanding and reduces amount of time invested in studying.”

8) Interview by Mr. Sastry

“What did you do on the final day before the exam?

Sastry: I went through EduPristine Career’s Visualize FRM. The best I have come across! Relax, Relax, Relax!”

9) Interview by Mr. Vaibhav

“Your Advice to FRM/ Finance aspirants:

Vaibhav: Start early and look for professional guidance to cut down on the number of hours of study. Practice as many questions as possible.”

10) Interview by Mr. Amit

“Why did you give the FRM exam?

Amit: FRM exam helped me better understand the relevance of Basel II. It has enhanced my understanding of credit risk. After the FRM exam, I am more comfortable in developing and interpreting PD and LGD models and understanding the other Basel II requirements. Besides, FRM gives de-facto reorganization as an expert in Risk Management.”

So to know more, just follow the links and read each expert’s opinion on how to crack the FRM!