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Phew! Finally over! The FRM exams have come to an end. The level of cortisol and epinephrinein (stress hormones) (I like going fancy) in your body are nil at the moment. You deserve the Nobel Prize or an expedition to another galaxy. I know, I know but just before you go all crazy just have a look at these

Do’s and Don’ts after the FRM examination gets over:

• Don’t discard your paper: The paper that you are about to tear into pieces and toss inside the bin, may be helpful in the future. Keep it. Just in case when the results come out you can compare and analyse. Plus, it can serve as a memory (not that you would like to treasure your FRM exam paper but… you get it.)

• Don’t discuss your paper: Give yourself a break! Seriously… the worst thing you can do after giving your FRM exams is to discuss the paper and answers with someone else. You have already given the paper, even if you want to now, you can’t change your answers. It’s gone and done. Forget about it. No use crying over spilt milk.

• Don’t throw away your study material: Your study material doesn’t only provide knowledge for your FRM exams but also provides knowledge in many other fields. Tossing away your study material can be a real stupidity. Not that I am proposing that you wouldn’t clear the FRM exams but to be on a safer side, keep it. If by chance you do not clear the FRM exams you can refer to the study material, rather than spending money on new study material.

• Don’t discard your stationery: Stationery is something that is of use in every sector, don’t go throwing your calculators and pencil and pen in the dustbin. You can still use it. They were not built only to survive till your FRM exams. Keep it. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

• Keep your admit card safely: The admit card that you hold in your hands looks like a used tissue paper and you probably don’t want to see it ever again but it is actually a golden ticket. Don’t throw it, in fact treasure it. You will need it for the further levels of FRM exams and also when results are declared. Also if there are any doubts or misunderstandings with the result and the exams it will serve as a pass to get you through.

• Take the day off: I am sure you have really sweated out to clear the FRM exams. It’s time for some relaxation and fun. Go out with friends, watch a movie, do what you like. Don’t think about the exams for a while. It’s a well-deserved off irrespective of the results. Seize the day and make it as fun loving as possible in your way.

• Don’t stress on the results: You know how you have performed in the exams and may also predict the outcome. Irrespective of it being good or bad don’t stress. The results are to be given by the GARP. Your duty was to write the exams and write it well now leave it in their hands. Relax!

• Sleep: You have been compromising with your sleep and I am sure of that. You may say that you took a good nap each day but when you have the FRM exams on top of your head, there is a lot of stress. You may sleep but even in your sleep you are stressing. It’s time you got some nice peaceful and sound sleep. Draw the curtains, pull over your bed covers and…. Snore…zzz…

• Go for a vacation: It’s a well-deserved holiday. You have worked hard and you can treat yourself to an exquisite place with lavish meals. Time to pamper your body and yourself. Go enjoy a day at the spa or get some fancy massages. Just let the FRM exam stress flow out.

Don’t seem difficult do they? “Prevention is better than cure” and when you can easily avoid trouble why not! Follow these pointers and you are good to go! Happy vacations!