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This blog is an extension of our blog on FRM – Your Ultimate Gateway to Professional Success in Risk Management.

Hey everyone! You have probably landed up here because you are interested in Risk Management, FRM or are looking for ways to augment your income substantially. Well, let me put it this way: you’ve come to the right place! To understand how this process works in greater detail all you have to do is read what is written below; follow the links as they will take you to other blogs on careers after attaining FRM qualification, salaries of Financial Risk Managers, job profiles and much more.

As you might be aware, the FRM exam is due to take place on May 17, 2014. Registration for the same has already started. To get more dates, follow the link to FRM Exam Registration Process has Started. Register Today! That ought to give you a brief idea about how much time you have to prepare.

PS. Just for GK purposes, Part I exam is available in May & November each year. Part II exam is available in May each year.

So let’s get to it now!

1) All You Need to Know About FRM

This blog contains basic knowledge about the FRM Exam. It includes various links that need to be checked out before you proceed with FRM. For instance, what it is that you will be gaining by having an FRM certification, etc. It also includes a planner for when you do embark on the FRM journey. That ought to help ease your preparation! You must visit the GARP website compulsorily because they might update their information. So keep track of that as well!


If you have questions about eligibility requirements or maybe the amount of work experience required to proceed with FRM, this blog will answer your questions. It also talks about what is considered relevant work experience, what the historical pass rates are for FRM exam, whether an internship is considered relevant work experience, etc. To get answers to all your doubts about the FRM Exam, all you have to do is just follow the link!

3) FRM Ladder to Success

This post talks about Financial Risk Management as the rise of a standard. It also talks about career advantages when having the title of FRM after your name! After all, not every second person has the certification that YOU might have. Sure, they might have an MBA. But what will be the distinguishing factor for you and the other person? Not to mention the fact that the eye of an employer will naturally fall on that extra certification that you have!

If you are interested in FRM, you can check out our free downloads for FRM I and FRM II by just following the links. That will give you a brief idea about what our FRM training is like.

To see what is covered during FRM training, keep reading!

– Click here for FRM I training

– Click here for FRM II training

If you have any queries related to FRM training, get in touch with us. You can drop a mail to or call +1 347 647 9001.