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Oh! What a wonderful thing music is! I run more with my earphones on! I lose more weight while dancing! I feel better with a nice melody! It’s a happy day when you wake up with good music. You are chirpier with a song inside your head. It’s just such a wonderful thing. I can keep listening to music and never get tired of it. If only I could learn my subject matter like I learn the lyrics of my favourite songs. Well I have a surprise for you! You can! You can study with music on! You can learn better with music on! You can memorise your subject matter as fast as the lyrics of “uptown funk”. Music has broken all the limitations. I know the FRM examinations are just around the corner and you can’t concentrate and give yourself a break from all those books which are confused with alphabets and numbers. (Someone should separately teach them the difference and not mix them up) But anyway you have music…

Here are the things your music should include while studying for your FRM examinations:

1: NO LYRICS: I am sorry but you can’t have everything now! I know that new Taylor Swift song has very catchy lyrics and you love singing it all the time, but you see that’s the problem. You would be singing that song instead of actually studying. So lyrics are a NO, NO! (Not even one word) Okay I know you don’t even know what language that song is in but… NO! A big capital NO! Use of language will distract you from your books. Something with a melody will keep relax you and build your concentration.

2: SOFT MUSIC: EDM’S are a great genre. I agree! They are the best …but not while you are a few days away from your FRM paper. You can’t listen to EDM or any music that is loud. I know. No electro, trance, dub step, drum and bass, etc, etc. You get my point. Plus no cranky music where you feel your life is coming to an end. Your books give you enough depression that you want to ruin your life by listening to sad music. Listen to soft, happy music. Imagine you are in a movie (not a horror/thriller) where nice soft happy music is playing.

3: NO SUDDEN ATTACKS: You can’t have music that suddenly changes the pitch or the volume or the tempo or just goes randomly crazy. That would break all your concentration and you may just suffer from a minor heart attack. So to be on the safer side…don’t attack yourself. A good steady flow should be followed.

4: MAKE A PLAYLIST: Group all you music together and make a proper playlist so that you don’t have to get up after every song or two. In addition to which make the playlist for a duration of 45-50 minutes which will act as a reminder that you can take a break!

5: CLASSICAL MUSIC: I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but sometimes you have to compromise. Classical music can be very helpful in building up concentration. Also sound of the rain and birds chirping can help. They will relax and make you feel good.

6: DON’T SPEND HOURS CHOOSING THE SONGS: It’s important to choose the right songs but not at the cost of wasting hours and hours. Choose the right music in the right time. At the end of the day it’s the amount of you’ve studied and how well you know your course.

These are a couple of playlists you can start listening to.

Playlist 1

Playlist 2