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Hey there, everyone! This blog is meant for professionals who are looking for a means to get premium jobs and better salary packages. Risk Management is a very lucrative field that has very rewarding returns and benefits.

So without further ado, let us proceed so that you can get better understanding about Risk Management and what it entails.

1) A Career in Risk Management – Is it Meant for Me?

Risk Management! As the name speaks loudly for itself, it is the identification and assessment of the risk. To sum up the definition for you, it involves reducing or eliminating the risk.

The various responsibilities of professionals in the field of Risk Management have been listed as follows:

* Identification of the risk indicator

* Calculation of the possible effects

* Develop control measure to reduce or eliminate risks

* Evaluating the role of each individual regarding how they can contribute to the Risk Management

The overall function can be totaled as taking clinical measures to prevent losses and in a way securing a company’s assets.

To establish yourself in the field of Risk Management, the foremost skill that you are required to possess is good analytical insight. It is the same for any field, just as cooking skills are essential for a chef. There is no point in thinking about being in the field of Risk Management if you can’t interpret the data before your eyes to reach a logical conclusion. Hence, judgment and decision making skills are mandatory in Risk Management. And not to mention, leadership qualities, verbal and written communication are some other qualities that you must possess. Along with this, computer proficiency is profoundly necessary.

To get into greater detail about the same, just follow the link!

2) FRM – Careers, Salaries, Benefits

Financial services companies remain the primary employers in financial Risk Management. The highlight of the FRM certification is that it gives you a distinctive edge from the other risk professionals operating in money and investment fields. It is a standard so high that every top employer in Risk Management recognizes it and appreciates the FRM certification. The skills that FRM incorporates in a professional are invaluable and the FRM certification provides you with state of the art knowledge that is required in the Risk Management work field on a daily basis.

There is one distinction that sets FRM apart from any other Risk Management course. Financial Risk Manager is the only designation in which it is compulsory to apply working knowledge of FRM in the real world experience.

Financial Risk Management in United States of America is highly rewarding and Risk Management professionals can earn anywhere between US$ 100,000 and US$ 250,000. They normal receive various fringe benefits, which include pensions after retirement, health and life insurance as well as paid vacations.

Find here a list of Risk Management work roles:

* Analytics Client Consultant – Risk Management Analytics

* Risk Management Analytics Consultant

* Risk Manager, Personal Banking

* Corporate Risk – Managing Director – COO & Risk Officer for Global Asset Liability Management

* Risk Quantification Manager

* Manager, Operational Risk Advisory and Oversight for Wealth Management

* Large Enterprise Commercial Risk Manager

* Senior Operational Risk Manager

And many more! Click on the link to find out.

3) FRM Exam Details:

If you are indeed considering going ahead in the field of Risk Management, then you can go through our Free Downloads on FRM I and FRM II to gauge what it is that you will be learning. FRM is the primary and most desired certification in Risk Management.

You could also go through the FRM Syllabus by:

clicking here for FRM Part I

clicking here for FRM Part II

Important Dates for the FRM 2014 Exam:

* Exam Days – May 17, 2014 & November 15, 2014

* Registration for the FRM Exam to be held on May 17, 2014 started on December 1, 2013

* All deadlines are by 23.59 EDT (New York time)

* Last day for Early Registration – January 31, 2014

* Last Day for Standard Registration – February 28, 2014

* Last Day for Late Registration – April 15, 2014

* Last Day for Deferral to December 2014 Exam – April 15, 2014

To get more details on how to go about the registration process for the FRM Exam, visit the GARP Website.

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