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FRM: Questions and Answers on VaR

October 18, 2013

Hey everyone! This blog and the subsequent ones will be a series of questions and answers on various FRM topics.  This blog consists of questions and answers related to Value at Risk in FRM, which is a very crucial topic! These answers have aided my preparation enormously and I hope it helps you too.

While studying you might have hit a roadblock of doubts and questions on certain topics. So if you are looking for some answers to some basic doubts about fundas, this blog will give you what you need!

So without further ado, let’s look at some of these questions with their answers!


question on calculation of VaR


calculation of VaR solution


question on probability


probability question solution

probability question Solution

Whoever posted this question must be feeling extremely grateful for the swift response! There have been nights when I stay up thinking about the best possible solution, but lo behold! It is presented to you as easily as it gets.

Some people also posted questions that shed light upon some basic issues that have alternative methods also!


FRM VAR Question


FRM VAR Solution

So, if you have any questions write to EduPristine, watch the magic unveil and be satisfied with what you see. You will get all the help you need! You can even post your questions on the EduPristine forum and these will be answered in no time.

All the best!

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