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Digital Marketing is evolving and is going through numerous changes everyday. But what are the bigger changes that will change the game? We have got some of the experts to answer this question whose answers are as follows:

Future of Digital Marketing
David Scott – CMO at Gigya Inc & author of ‘The New Rules of Lead Generation’

“Over the past few years marketers have been inundated with data. Any marketing technology that has come out within the last 5 years is either helping you collect data, hold data or analyze data. Unfortunately, very little of it has really been actionable – giving us practical ways to deliver richer experiences to our audience. The future of digital marketing
is going to be about doing stuff with the data, finding a way to harness the troves of information to positively affect the customer journey.”

Bob Bentz – President of ATS mobile

“Consumers are inherently lazy. They won’t read if they can look at pictures. And, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? A lot more than a thousand. The changes you will see in coming years for digital and mobile marketing is a move toward more video. And, that video will be increasingly short to match the short attention spans of consumers. Expect to see 7 second commercials online and on video. Consumers don’t have time for anything longer.”

Matthew Reischer – Marketing VP at Legal Marketing Pages Corporation

“Geo-target marketing will be a much more utilized strategy for segmenting and digitally marketing to a customer base in the future. Geo-target marketing is the serving of customized user experiences based on a user geographical location. This digital marketing strategy facilitates better market efforts that are relevant to a person’s likes and wants. Marketing initiatives that are highly individualized have a greater likelihood of holding user interest and leading to higher sales conversions. The technology to allow digital geo-marketing is slowly coming online today and will be much more prevalent in the near future. A person’s web experience will soon be individually formulated and highly customized.”

Emily Long – Online PR specialist at Web Talent Marketing

“The biggest change you can expect to see in digital marketing is an increased emphasis on mobile marketing. With 64% of American adults now owning a Smartphone (according to Pew Research Center), the number of internet searches conducted on a mobile device is growing every day. A recent study conducted by Internet Retailer shows that nearly 30% of online visits across the web come from Smartphones and tablets. Google has recognized the importance of mobile search and has created—and is continually updating—a separate mobile search algorithm to ensure that mobile searches produce the best possible results for users. If your site is not mobile friendly, you will miss out on a lot of web traffic.”

Benjamin Goldman – Co-founder of Agency 2625

“Vine and Instagram have proven, without a doubt, the effectiveness of short videos and how they both boast a 90% engagement rate. My vision, and the one I am certain will be the future of digital marketing, involves making commercial video campaigns designed around a core theme but optimized to gain audience interest, be shared around the web, and transmit the brand message to the intended audience. The possibilities that this opens are next to endless and can be applied to nearly any industry. They are also more cost effective than traditional bulky video campaigns. People who simply choose to ignore these benefits and this style will get swept away in the ocean of history while those who go with the current will ride it to success.”

Future of Digital Marketing
Katie Bisson – Marketing and PR Manager at Technology Seed

“Twitter’s firehose is now / will be accessed by Google. This change is instrumental and emphasizes the importance Twitter has on a marketing strategy. Currently, tweets released by a company can take up to 2 weeks to be indexed by Google. This implementation will allow tweets to be indexed almost immediately, which may change how marketers use Twitter. I anticipate that tweets will begin to include keywords marketers wish to be ranked for and also will include links that marketers wish to drive traffic to. It will be interesting to see the change, and the more companies that value Twitter as a medium to be socially active on.”

Nick Marvik – CEO of Northwest Tech (NWT3K)

“The biggest changes I foresee coming to digital marketing focus on increasing the omni-channel experience and developing a deeper understanding for how digital plays into all the consumer purchasing paths for your business. We’re going to start to see an increase in predictive marketing campaigns, website-to-store funneling and enhanced location based automation and messaging. Looking just beyond clicks, the future view of digital includes all paths and channels with the goal of enhanced purchase frequency.”

Christine Rochelle – Director of Digital Marketing and Operations at Lotus823

“Data-driven technology is going to absolutely change the business in the near future. We have so many tools at our disposal but the average marketer struggles to pull together social analytics, web analytics, customer service interactions and more into that big picture analysis. With target customers focusing on digital when it comes to their interactions with brands, data-driven technology that offers that big picture analysis will be key for success in the business.”

Mark Rushworth – Digital Marketing Head at Blue Logic Digital

“SEO will break into two factions, the purely technical and PR/Journalism style content creation. The future ecommerce store will be more inspiration and magazine than hard core shop. We’re already seeing this with sites like Asos building a massive community and using user generated content to populate the site in a low cost manner.”

Jason Parks – Owner of The Media Captain

“Online video advertising will become a crucial component for digital marketers in the foreseeable future. Right now, digital video content is underutilized by businesses. As pay-per-click and display advertising continue to get more competitive, marketers will shift their advertising dollars over to YouTube and other online video advertising outlets.”

So do you see these changes coming? If yes, then are you prepared with your new digital marketing plans?? Can you see anymore changes that we missed?? Do let us know by commenting below, we would love to know your thoughts.